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Post by wraith » 03 Jul 2017, 14:46

Hello everyone

smile happy face everyone this topic is not a sad thing and full respect for Nadeo and tm.
please respect my post as well, PLEASE do not delet it, its just a point i would like to write here, i mean no bad to Nadeo in any way.

so tm started a good few years ago now 10+yrs, some of yous all been around from the start like me ! some yous maybe brand new, then i would say welcome and hope yous are around for another 10+yrs with me and many friends.

Trackmania is my family, in a funny way..

FUTURE for Trackmania ?
2017 MP4 BETA Was on the right track, me i do not think it should have been released, but saying that i know all about deadlines etc, as i have been beta testing around the same time TM first came out and done many tests on other games, DEADLINES is a real pain in the butt..

MP4 Valley
Simply the best update we have got since tmuf..

But what about the future of Trackmania/MP !
This may sound bit hard but this is my view and only view, not anything bad in any kind of way.
  • its looking old at 10+yrs
  • a full brand new rebuild of nice graphics, 64bit engine to our great game
  • remake of how the blocks are made+unity is a great tool
  • textures "road" to short to mod bigger would mean we could add more or even make each block have its own texture for the road which would make the road surface better to look at
  • weather in most game these days we have full weather and not just in triple AAA games, these days we are starting to get rain filling up on the maps+weather idea could cover like snow, rain, storm
  • much performance
  • tm island/coast back with old physics
  • new editor which is flexible
  • get rid of that old design
  • do a solid game where all titles are in one game
    not devided
  • better anti aliasing
  • future water sports racing like jet ski courses or boat racing
  • ingame currency good or bad idea me i think its a very good idea but feel its not working right, maybe if tm got a brand new build currency could buy parts to use in game like to unlock Nadeo maps in career and wow car parts like body kits ! and even new cars. i would say keep the money idea but it needs a new way.
i would love to see Hylis baby still around and looking its best in many years to come, i believe Nadeo as the skill and talent to make the future of TM even better than it is right now..
like i said above this is not pointed at Nadeo in any bad way and just ideas in my head, would love to read any good ideas about tm for the future, Please do not reply with comments about the way tm is now example bugs etc,
MP ADMINS PLEASE respect this post. its not a bad thing

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