Hi. New to the world of TM.

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Hi. New to the world of TM.

Post by 0ldSchoolGamin » 28 Nov 2017, 20:35

Hey all.
Greetings from WI/USA.

I'm relatively new to TM... starting to find all this after playing TM Turbo on my Gal's XBox One.

I am playing now on my PC using TMStadium and TMCanyon and have soooooo many questions.

Anything from 'how did he do that' (which I have been watching a few youtube vids to shave a few seconds off...)
to 'how does that work?' Pertaining to full versions/demos/what you can do in demos... etc...
That is kind of confusing.
Like I said I have TMS and TMC, but was playing some random events last night and then an event for TM:Turbo kicked in and I was able to keep playing in 'demo' mode. Not sure what demo mode limits you to.. so I just kept playing. (Maybe just no offline or editor to use?)

Where is a good place for a newbie to start in a world that has existed for years already?
Games vs Demos / events / track building / submission / setting and hosting a server / best time of day / online activity in 2017 / the list goes on and on... Besides Google, is there a good place to go around here for a TM virgin? ;)

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Re: Hi. New to the world of TM.

Post by Miss » 28 Nov 2017, 21:48

Hi, welcome to Trackmania! :D

I hope you're enjoying it so far :3

To answer your first question, demo mode is enabled for title packs that you don't own. (A title pack is for example Stadium or Canyon.) I think the Turbo thing you played was MrDVD's Turbo title pack, which uses all of the environments (including Lagoon and Valley which you don't currently own), which is why that went into demo mode. Basically, demo mode means you can play "programs" in the "channels" (timed "events" as you call them, schedule is here), with the only restriction being that you can't use the chat. (You also can't enter any dedicated servers without owning the games, nor can you play singleplayer, obviously.)

(There's a few exceptions to the chat restriction, one of which being the "Pursuit" gamemode, for example.)

To answer your second question; there's a pretty nice list of events right here on the forum! I can highly recommend you play in the SmurfsCups on Canyon, they're always really fun, accessible, and there's a lot of cool community members to talk to there. :)

You can find more info about hosting servers and modding/scripting on the Maniaplanet Documentation website. There's also an active trackbuilder community over on Mania Exchange you can check out and upload your own tracks to!

Hope this helps, have fun! :D
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Re: Hi. New to the world of TM.

Post by Demented » 29 Nov 2017, 16:25

You'll find there are lots of friendly people here willing and able to help with various question (as you saw in the previous post) so don't hesitate to ask if you get stuck or just wonder about something.
Have fun! :pil
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Re: Hi. New to the world of TM.

Post by Alinoa » 30 Nov 2017, 11:22

Hey welcome here OldSchoolGamin :)

You can also find some information on the useful links thread: viewtopic.php?p=200466#p200466

Kind regards :)
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