Trackmania United (Steam version) - validation code

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Trackmania United (Steam version) - validation code

Post by Alcator » 10 Mar 2018, 11:17

Hello, I've
bought (once again) TMU on Steam. It's the "Forever" edition.
Due to the graphics issues, I used the fix suggested in the Guides section, which consists of changing a Distribution setting in the ".ini" file to "MILIN" and applying the separately provided patch.

When I want to submit an official time, it asks me for validation code, and suggests to use the last 3 letters of my online key.

Since I bought this game on Steam, I have access to a CD Key, but there doesn't seem to be any "online" key, and the last 3 characters of the CD key don't work, giving the response "bad solo account validation".

My questions:
1. Where or How can I get the online key that is needed for this (and other online related activities, such as sending coppers)?
2. Could someone from Nadeo add a STICKY post to the TMU forums on Steam, explaining this and perhaps some other topics?
3. Could a solution for the graphics issues (no textures loading etc.) be somehow incorporated as an official patch, rather than needing weird "ini" editing (if that is, indeed, the case)?

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Re: Trackmania United (Steam version) - validation code

Post by TMarc » 10 Mar 2018, 14:04

Sorry to say, but this here is the totally wrong forum!
Please address in tm-forum or to Ubisoft support directly.
Besides this TMU is not supported since years anymore.

To still try to answer your questions:
The validation code is normally sent in a email after registration of the account.
Probably the Steam client only registers the key, but does not pass the email address linked to the Steam account.

Grafic driver issues could perhaps be resolved by different settings.
Often it helped to delete the configuration file Default.System.Config.gbx.
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Re: Trackmania United (Steam version) - validation code

Post by Alinoa » 12 Mar 2018, 10:31


The validation is indeed the last three characters of the key used when creating your account.
This message "bad solo account validation" means either you didn't use the right login, either you didn't enter the right last three characters.
You should verify which login is used yo your key and also which key is linked to the login you used by contacting the support :
Ubisoft Support
Your Player Page

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