NADEO NEW PROJECT - wishes and rumours...

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Re: NADEO NEW PROJECT - wishes and rumours...

Post by tcq » 10 Oct 2018, 20:15

ManiaPlanet for the switch :)

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Re: NADEO NEW PROJECT - wishes and rumours...

Post by wraith » 12 Oct 2018, 11:20

Hello all

+1 for null8fuenf10 a lot of good stuff in his post i like to see.
My wishes full weather Rain, Snow and day night working mode, yes there is loads more i could add.

TMarc Quoted
  • Virtual Skipper
    Not a lot of TM fans may not know that Virtual Skipper 4 is the fourth game in the Virtual Skipper series. It was developed by Nadeo, published by Focus Home Interactive and released on the Microsoft Windows in 2005.
Using V-Skipper in TM not sure what hold Focus as on the game since they where the publisher or if Nadeo are still with them with the game etc, maybe only a member of Nadeo could clear that up.
  • Virtual Skipper Demo still can be download when i did early this year to have a look at something "which i can not talk about sorry" and found its made the same kind of way as TM yes i modded it lol but as it was a demo i could not use it so i deleted the demo, but found out the info i needed to know.
Trackmania New Game
The year 2019 is the right timing for a new game but i got more hope for a game "project" tm fans have wanted for a long time a very good based Trackmania game could we really go back to the tmuf hope so in a kind of way, i think in our memorys TMUF stands as the best and think it will stay that way, time moves forward always will Maniaplanet 5 be as good as TMUF thats very hard to say.


Was it a good move for Nadeo to Ubisoft, i still get asked this of tm fans and i stand by it every time and thats YES.
some devs from other ubisoft studio's will now be working with Nadeo i am for sure, ok its not 100% hylis baby now but its still hylis idea at the end of the day and we all love him for it, and i can not wait to see what they are making for all of us


Quoted Maybe getting rid of the block system for something more flexible.
well i have made a custom item "block" after getting much help from Demented on how the custom item maker works "thx buddy".
the image below is from the first raw item and i have moved forward on it from what you see.
the item can be bent/twisted/raised and made into a u-turn and so on, but best part is you can add multi textures to make the road come to life instead of just one texture as you can see "but this project is on hold" do not want to add months of work till we find out what Nadeo is working on.

My custom item pack "Valley extras" which as a lot of valley "nadeo" items and home made ones lets you use them with out Nadeo limits.
  • Wish
    • In the future the block item limits would be removed then my item pack can be history !
      Custom item build limit would like to see 2 modes one for single player the limit can be raised a lot more than it is now, then one for online mode "multi player".
    • Better UI.
    Wish DLC
    • This is hard for me to say it YES i would love to see more from Nadeo as DLC, from offical maps to map packs, yes we have a great team of map makers but in a nice way of saying it lets bring Nadeo into the Community with DLC, but Nadeo not a big Dev team would them have the time spare to do this maybe not.
      Wish Graphics engine and maybe new build of full Trackmania "but this is no bad thing at Nadeo in any kind of way just my idea" :roflol:
    what if a new TM was made using FarCry 5 game engine ? anyone seen the details on that game, but do not get me wrong i love trackmania and Nadeo, this would be no easy project and could easy be 5 years to see full release and not sure i be around then.

    Do we need wreckfest damage ? not sure we need something like that, got to remember TM as its own thing if you start to make it like other car games it will become just like many others "just another car game" i would hate to see trackmania become just another car game, TM still brings me back to it nearly everyday or even to read what fans are upto, TM and its Community is very special its the only game i have spent so much time on and proud to say it. i welcome anything Nadeo is working on with open hands, also Demented wanted to fly, water crafts, we can already do all this and more :thumbsup: :roflol: maybe in 2019 the rest could as well with TM Projects

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Re: NADEO NEW PROJECT - wishes and rumours...

Post by null8fuenf10 » 14 Oct 2018, 16:10

wraith wrote:
12 Oct 2018, 11:20
+1 for null8fuenf10 a lot of good stuff in his post i like to see.
My wishes full weather Rain, Snow and day night working mode, yes there is loads more i could add.
Thx, for this! Nice to hear that from you. :thx:

And i would add, a much better Soundtrack! The Music in this actuall Game is much much boring.

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Re: NADEO NEW PROJECT - wishes and rumours...

Post by Demented » 16 Oct 2018, 16:58

I had an idea the other day and have thought about it for a few days now...
What if there were Two Vehicles to choose from for each environment? Each with a different look and style and unique physics. Maybe one for Paved/Speed tracks and one for Dirt/Offroad tracks.
But, that's not all... We currently have four environments, and if there were two vehicles for each, what if they were all available to use in any environment? So whatever environment you decide to build in you have Eight Vehicles, each with different styles and physics, to choose from. If a fifth environment comes along in the future (hoping for a snow environment still) Two more cars would be added to the pool for a total of Ten. Talk about a wide range of building possibilities! No more limiting one style of physics per environment.
People would still buy the individual environments (unless they get merged in the future) but when you buy an environment you get all available cars to choose from. This way you buy an environment for its Theme, Blocks, and Textures but are still free to build tracks that suit your race style. When downloading user created tracks they would list the Vehicle Style, then the Environment, so people know what style of racing it will be.
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Re: NADEO NEW PROJECT - wishes and rumours...

Post by Frankthetankmp » 20 Oct 2018, 20:46

I just hope it is something innovative and not just "another new environment" :D
But I trust in Nadeo and hope they have got something mindblowing for us :D

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Re: NADEO NEW PROJECT - wishes and rumours...

Post by null8fuenf10 » 20 Oct 2018, 23:14

Demented wrote:
29 Sep 2018, 14:07
...the new Trackmania3. The game started out with a Demolition race beating and banging against 20 other cars. The finish line was not the end though, then we had to jump out of the car and go on a Quest into the nearby hills, gathering the supplies needed to Shoot our way back to the Coast where we found some amazing Sailing Boats streamlined for racing in a beautiful Lagoon. We rode the wind and waves across the water where we hopped onto a nearby train that took us through Canyons and across a Desert into a lush green Valley. What was waiting for us in that Valley? Airplanes designed for racing.
I can't tell you how that Air Race went though because that was about the time that I woke up. :o
+1000 :thumbsup: 8-) :lol: :clap:

You forgot the motocrosses in the Dessert and Quads in the Canyon! Also, in the Lagoon you didn't notice, that there where also some Speedboats and Jetskies, ready for some racing and parcour fun! :pil

When i think right about it, that would be such a great Game! 8-)

Complete OpenWorld, with different Spots for Racing, Shooting and doing some kind of Quests!

Like, Spots for Car, Motocross, etc., like in the Dream, then Quests around this OpenWorld (do this, get this, then do this) and finally spots for shooting genres, like LaserTag, Paintball a ShootmaniaCenter! :mrgreen: :pil :3

That would be so so amazing...
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Re: NADEO NEW PROJECT - wishes and rumours...

Post by Frankthetankmp » 21 Oct 2018, 11:00

Two personal but unrealistic hopes:

First: TRACKMANIA 3 with new engine (but included in maniaplanet)
-not just one environment (3 or sth like back in the first games would be a nice count, would be a nice omage to the old games too)
-high-end graphics
-destroyable environment with impact on the map (for example rocks falling down which are blocking the street)
-weather functions with different handling on it
-carcollision (but not the crappy and buggy way it was playable in tmt but sth which you could call a real feature for online mode or maybe even with KI for a second Solomode next to the normal one with earning medals and on....)
-the good old map editor (but bigger maps like 128x128)

Second: Shootmania Space + new engine (but included in maniaplanet)
-high end graphichs
-multible planets to play on
-space too
-no gravity in space
-destroyable environment

-Just another environment of one of the games

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