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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by w1lla » 16 Jun 2010, 11:28

agreed and i might start off.

Name: Willem van den Munckhof
Nick: W1lla
DOB: 11-07-1987 Almost 23.
Country: Netherlands
Place: Venray
Just passed exams for Catering cook.

Why i like trackmania?
The fun of helping others with there problems but also making things that other players may love or like.

What i hope:

Hope that Trackmania 2 will be the leading game and a doubling of the players now so lets say 22 million players might be a nice number to start with.
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OS: Windows 10 x64 Professional
MB: MSI 970A-G46
Processor: AMD FX-6300 3500 mHz
RAM Memory: 16 GB DDR3
KB: Logitech G510s
Mouse: Logitech G300s
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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by SiH13 » 16 Jun 2010, 12:33

This is better ;)

Name: Sindre Haugland
Nick: SiH
Tm since: 2004 (Tmo)
Clan: WTF - Wild Trackmania Freaks (Freestyleclan)
Country: Norway
Age: 15 (1995)
Occupation: Just ended 9th class. But i have my own filmgroup with some friends.

What i like about trackmania: Clans, friends and the fun. I've never been good in trackmania in any ways. But Trackmania teached me to speak english, make videos, hos to behave with other people and respect eachother.
I had plans to stop trackmania this year, but these great news and my team-mates brought me back.
Relations to trackmania: No tournaments ive participated in :D (exept UL5 with "2D2D" where i only played one map), Known videomaker (?) and moderator on Tm-Tube.

What i hope for TM2, SM and QM: I hope this will change the whay we play and the mapeditors can make people to still play it, because its not the same each time they open the game. I also hope it will be revolutionary and bring thousands of new players tot he community.
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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by Zooz » 16 Jun 2010, 12:33

farfa wrote:maybe can we change this hello corner in an introduce yourself corner? What do you think
Hey that was my idea :mrgreen:

Yes please, better than this spam...
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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by Bramble » 16 Jun 2010, 13:36

Name: ???
Nick: Bramble
Tm since: 2006 TMN
Clan: CMC - Crazy Machine Chicks
Country: England
Place: Tokai, Japan
Age: 23
Occupation: Particle Physics PhD Student working on T2K, a neutrino oscillation experiment in Japan. Two more years until I'll be a Doctor of Physics.

What I like about Trackmania:
- I'm not sure I can put my finger on it actually. I just loved the simplicity and getting on the track and racing. That was what got me hooked in the first place.
- I really love playing in leagues, I need the team situation to have the most fun on TM. I've played in numerous leagues UL 2-6, some LE, SL, NC, STC, FETN etc.
- I'm an admin over at ET, helping with league organising etc. Used to be an admin at TMX before I retired due to the time constraints of growing up.
- My favourite thing is the community though. Especially amongst the league racers, we have a really great group of players. The matches are always played in good spirit, with respect, fun and excitement.

What i hope for TM2, SM and QM:
- I'm only really thinking about TM2, so I just hope that it entices me in in the same way as TMF. I hope that I'll have another few years fun from Trackmania yet.
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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by Arubiano » 16 Jun 2010, 17:15

Nick: Arubiano
TM since: tm1.0, didn't play much, got back into it with TM Powerup Demo. A looooot of years ago?
Team: CMC - Crazy Machine Chicks
Country: Netherlands
Age: 20 (march 1990)

What I like about Trackmania:

Creativity is everywhere, maps, skins, models and more.
No collisions for superior competitive gameplay.
Multiple environments to suit everyone. I love them all though :D
I love my team CMC, not because we are the best TMU team, but they are a group of important friends i made over the years!
I enjoy the excitement of league driving, the feeling you get for winning, or even just driving a close race is very hard to find elsewhere.

What I hope for in TM2, SM and QM:

I'd like even more possibilities for TM2 map editor. Custom blocks?
Less limits like height, width and length of the map. It would be really cool if you could make really long maps that move in one general direction. for example i remember in earlier TM versions you could adjust the space of the map to like 20x60 blocks, or 10x150 blocks.
I'd also like to see something that I think is a bit problematic with mapbuilding. Some blocks need other blocks to be able to be placed. For example a long downward turn in island needs a mountain to be built on. But if TM2 could make the mountain for you automatically, when you place the downward turn block anywhere, that would make it much more user friendly.

For SM, we don't know much about it ^^
I'd like to see the same level of creativity as we do in TM, but of course focused on FPS gameplay.
Addictive yet competitive gameplay, with no focus on reality, but more on gameplay and whats fun to do.

As to QM, I really have no idea how it's gonna work. But since it's the RPG genre, I'd like to see extreme customization in your own character. No idea what to expect so surprise me nadeo :D

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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by JumperJack » 16 Jun 2010, 17:26

Nick: JumperJack
TM since: January 2006 (TMN ESWC)
Team: CMC - Crazy Machine Chicks
Country: the Netherlands
Age: 20
Occupation: Student Industrial Design Engineering (but going to transfer to Graphic Design in september 2010)

edit: actually, i got accepted at the academy of art, with a portfolio that existed for about 30% of TM-screenies... :lol:

What I like about Trackmania:
- no collisions!! ^^' thus the non-existence of factors influencing your driving besides personal abilities.
- the endless possibilities to keep exloring the game (with the track-editor as best example).
- and the community, obviously, my team especially. ^^

What i hope for TM2, SM and QM:
- i mostly hope for TM2, but i'm also very curious about SM and QM. as long as nadeo does what they believe is best for the game, and that the endless possibilities of "TM1" won't be gone in TM2, i'm absolutely ok with it, and more than eager to explore it until the tiniest bits again!! ^^
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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by maau » 16 Jun 2010, 18:01

Name: Mauro Brienza
Nick: maau,
Tm since: 2008 (TMN ESWC)
Clan: CGT - Corriendo Ganamos Todas (I'm thinking about leaving as it doesn't get much attention from the rest)
Country: Argentina
Age: 14 (1995/12)
Occupation: 2nd year of secondary school.

What i like about trackmania: The community. I've never seen such a big and friendly community. I've played other MMO games where the game is divided into players and 'noobs'. I started playing TM with no friends from real life (they still don't want to play TM, bloody addicts of CS) and I was perfectly received. I've had nights of laughs playing TM. The servers and that kind of stuff. I've never felt so attracted to servers until now. I don't know why, but I now have a server which I make changes every week, because I just love finding out new stuff

What i hope for TM2, SM and QM: I hope it to still be a cheap game. It is just 50 AR$ (convert it) while other games even from Ubi are more than 120 AR$. And if the new Mania series would be so expensive, I would not buy it, because it's too much money. I also hope a revolution. I want it to be TM² but really. I hope ShootMania to kick CS down to ruin, with the most funny gameplay ever. I don't like RPGs too much, but I hope QuestMania makes me change that. I also would like to have the same account for all three games, it's kind of disturbing to be registering accounts

Yes, I'm Argentinean.
Don't worry, I handle english really well.

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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by metoxys » 16 Jun 2010, 18:02

Nick: metoxys
Tm since: 2007 TMNF 2008 TMUF 2009 TMSX TMO TMDS TMU TMN ESWC
Clan: RTX
Country: Deutschland!!! (Germany)
Place: Northern Germany ftw
Age: 34

What I like about Trackmania:
- Coast, even though everyone hates it :lol:
- The graphics of stadium
- The creativity
- PC3

What i hope for TM2, SM and QM:
- I will maybe not just get TM2 but also SM.
- Not too high prizes.

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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by dec » 16 Jun 2010, 19:00

Well, this topic surely turned into a more useful one with these impressions, so here's mine:

Name: Dejan
Nick: đec
Tm since: 2005 - TMO
Country: Slovenia
City: Radeče (around 5000 inhabitants)
Age: 22 (April, 1988)
Occupation: student of Sociology and English with Literature

What i like about trackmania:
- the community, it has to be one of the most awsome gaming communities ever
- the competitive level of the game
- that it is the most fun game I've ever played

What i hope for TM2, SM and QM:
- basically, I hope for endless hours of pure fun with these new series (y)

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Re: The Hello Corner

Post by » 16 Jun 2010, 19:16

Wow this post is becoming a CULT!!! (hhuhuhuhu Zoooooz) :P

Name : Gennaro
Nick : Gekko
TM Since : 2005
Country : Italy
City : Naples
Age : 33
Occupation : Coder (without job, in italy a coder is defined a time loser... poor them!!! 8-) )

What i like about Trackmania:
Trackmania is the best game ever created after Dune 2000, Double Dragon and Street Fighter in the 80's.
It will never die with the help of his MANIACS!!! Just like Hulk Hogan!! HUhuhu!

What i hope for TM2, SM and QM:
The world Cico!!! And all the things inside!!!
The Power System (3.1) & TPS Gaseco & TPS OS System Coder
Founder of GFCx, the biggest and Oldest Trackmania Team. The LOL King.

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