[VIDEO] Gamers Assembly 2010 - Tribute to Trackmaniacs

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[VIDEO] Gamers Assembly 2010 - Tribute to Trackmaniacs

Post by hubertis » 31 Oct 2011, 00:34


Hi, trackmaniacs!
This is my new video about the Gamers Assembly, it took place from 3 to 5 April 2010.
I didn't have time and motivation before this weekend to make this video, even if it was more than 1 year ago. So excuse me for the delay.

But it's a good way to see how this LAN happened, with a little bit of nostalgia.
Furthermore, in this LAN, there was a rare combination of trackmania united and nation tournament at the same time.

In any case it was an exellent weekend.

On Youtube: http://youtu.be/A34KvLjKdk4
On Tm-Tube: http://www.tm-tube.com/video/25523/Game ... ackmaniacs


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