MLEPP - ManiaLive Extending Plugin Pack !

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MLEPP - ManiaLive Extending Plugin Pack !

Post by EmRe » 05 Apr 2011, 21:35

TrackMania Nations Forever'dan tanidiginiz Server Pluginlerine bir yenisi daha eklen'di - Ve iste MLEPP!
- Lokal Rekor Sistemi
- Oyuncu Listesi (Kick, Ban, Özel Chat)
- Oylama kur, Gelecek Mapi sec

gibi bircok Özelligi bulunuyor! - Daha fazla Bilgi icin asagidaki yazilanlari okuyunuz!
TheM wrote:Image
MLEPP - ManiaLive Extending Plugin Pack, the project to extend ManiaLive with many (new features).
After weeks of coding, bug-tracking and bug-fixing we release with this topic the latest version of MLEPP, revision 394! I think we can proudly say that extending ManiaLive did work out! :)

MLEPP is released under the GNU General Public License version 3. You are allowed to change things or use this in other projects, as long as you leave the information at the top (name, date, version, website, package, author, copyright) and publish the code under the GNU General Public License version 3.
Because of many changes in the Database, we sort of lost the track on altering the Database to make sure it alters the database. For this release you have to use a different database than the previous releases.
We hope to make a convert tool in the near future (read: this or next week).

Because of dependencies on ManiaLive r209, it is required to run that ManiaLive version (or later)!

The last week we've done some closed beta tests and so we hope this release is bug free.
If not, feel free to report those bugs to our bug tracker:

Download MLEPP - ManiaLive Extending Plugin Pack : revision 394
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