『Gamestar』杂志关于『Trackmania 2:Canyon』


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『Gamestar』杂志关于『Trackmania 2:Canyon』

Post by wyairl » 23 Apr 2011, 15:34

Gamestar Magazine: Trackmania 2 Canyon Review:
Translation in English:
The bad news: The next Trackmania is only a one episode appetizer. The good news is that the appetizer has made us hungry for more when we played . The best news: This, more'', the vision of the development website Nadeo could not only revolutionize the racing genre, but also shooters and RPGs.

Track Mania 2: Canyon will be released in autumn and contains exactly one scenario, and only a car that reminds us visually to the BMW M6. The real centerpiece is the track editor, which now contains almost three times as many components of a scenario similar to its predecessor. Accordingly,when we tested the tracks we saw more natural and also more varied than anything we have played in Trackmania United.
The main reason for the more natural fealing is the new graphics engine that has sharp textures and atmospheric lighting effects and also for the first time a (purely visual) damage model. Also the cars seems for our face-off impressions successfully to focus on the essentials. Even on a short map together clicked with only one curve, we have better times every try.
According to developers now 150 factors contribute to the driving physics, but we have our car under control at all times.
The solo mode of Track Mania 2: Canyon will have around 60 maps , which are bolted together at any time of the most talented crafters in the community. In the future we are able to drive against the best times from friends and community in the single player. (ghost cars)

Trackmania 2:Canyon is the first game for their new games-/community- platform Maniaplanet. Maniaplanet is such as facebook, youtube and blizzards battlenet together. You can chat, visit websites, look at videos and you can also download and install cars, roads and mods of the community INGAME, without leaving the game . The racing game Trackmania 2 is only the beginning, Nadeo is already working on Shoot and Questmania. Every three to five month will be a new one released as DLC. The price is not given by Ubisoft at the moment but we expect 15 to 20 € per package>

『赛道狂飙2:峡谷』将在秋季发布,只有峡谷这一个环境模式,并且只有一种看起来像是BMW M6的赛车。真正的核心是赛道编辑器,它现在几乎是之前相似环境模式的3倍。因此,当我们在测试赛道时可以看到比『联合』更多的自然风光变化。因为采用了新的图形引擎所以较之前有更自然感觉,采用了更精细的贴图和自然光效果,并且第一次采用了(纯视觉的)损毁系统。Also the cars seems for our face-off impressions successfully to focus on the essentials.即使在只有一条弯道的很短的赛道上,每次的尝试都会有更好的成绩。

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Re: 『Gamestar』杂志关于『Trackmania 2:Canyon』

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