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Re: v4 player page Create Server

Post by hawkeye2012 » 19 Jun 2017, 19:35

hi all very big thanks for all the info my maps were all put into a new folder in the beginning and litemaps were all re-done as per the forum instructions 4 days it took me to do litemaps from mp3 to mp4 250 maps, even after that I still found that in game in the map editor it was asking me to do them all again and re-validate them ?? but this could be because of the registration issue's, also the match_settings in the server have gone, still have them in the match_settings folder in maniaplant, used to get this before in the nc1 server one day ok next day all gone had to put all maps back on but according to nc1 this could not happen ??? Will try putting them somewhere else and have another go. Thanks all

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