AdminServ - The show must go on! [Current - v2.1.1]

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Re: AdminServ - The show must go on! [Current - v2.1.1]

Post by msok » 19 Apr 2021, 16:36

Harest wrote:
18 Apr 2021, 21:08
@Msok: Hum okay. Did you check the php error log to see anything that could help maybe? I'm seeing some stuff related to cookies but i'm not sure it's appropriate to the issue there. You could still try to clear cookies for the site just in case, you'll just have to re-login.
Thanks, looked at the logs, found it.
The settings were incorrect open_basedir in the apache, corrected, everything worked.

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Re: AdminServ - The show must go on! [Current - v2.1.1]

Post by twister56 » 04 May 2021, 17:02


I am using AdminServ 2.1.1 to manage my server.
I managed to configure my server, but now I have two problems:

- Unable to validate my modifications in the options server page. Nothing happens when I click save.

- In the management of the maps I have this error message:
"This Path was not required rights
("owner" needs "755") "
So I do these two commands there:

Code: Select all

chown -R $OWNER:$OWNER /home/user/Documents/Maniaplanet/ServerTM/UserData/Maps/

Code: Select all

chmod -R 755 /home/user/Documents/Maniaplanet/ServerTM/UserData/Maps/

Code: Select all

systemctl reload apache2
But that didn't change anything ...

Thank you

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