What is SMART?

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What is SMART?

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SMART Shootmania Servertool
SMART is a lightweight Servercontroller/Servertool for the ManiaPlanet Dedicated Server that runs the Game Shootmania Storm, Shootmania Elite, Shootmania Joust, Shootmania Heroes. The major aim of SMART is performance, being high configurable for custom interface designs, being easy to install. Note: SMART will not work on Trackmania servers.

It is built in a modular way, so that it can be always extended by plugins and Addons that were written by the community.

SMART is open source and can be used for free for non-commercial use. See the included license file for more information.

  • Linux / Windows
  • PHP 5.3x or higher
  • MySQL 4 Database or higher
  • ManiaPlanet? Dedicated Server 3.2.0 or higher that runs Shootmania

    Image Image Image Image

    Smart!Tool (Coding-Server mostly password protected with password "sdf") Connect

    You can find the latest Release and nightly builds at http://SmartTool.org

    User Guides Features of the core version
    • Well documented @ performant Plugin-System
    • Easiest configuration
    • Small Widgets for optimized GamePlay?
    • Global Karma (TM-Karma)
    • Local Karma
    • Live Rankings
    • Sounds (completely customizable for every Server-Event)
    • Jukebox (optional Admins only)
    • Scoreboard background changable
    • Loadscreens (2 different)
    • Permission System
    • Instant reboot
    • Ingame Map-Management
    • Add maps directly from SMX (Shootmania-Exchange)
    • Admin-Panel
    • Completely free Interface design with own ManiaLink? windows
    • Curren Map / Next Map Widget
    • Map Counter
    • Player Widget
    • Clock Widget
    • Visitor Counter
    • Nation Counter
    • Game Widget
    • Mode Widget
    • Fav Widget
    • Ladder Widget
    • Idle-Kick Plugin
    • Serverlink Plugin
    • Mappack Downloader
    • Worldwide ELO-Ranking Plugin
SMART is free for non-commercial use. Feel free to participate in the project, code plugins or post your suggestions.
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SMART - The smarter Servertool for Shootmania
Download SMART at http://smarttool.org
Changelog: here
Frequently Asked Questions: here

IRC: #smart @ QuakeNet (WebChat)


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