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Charter for servers admins

Post by Cerovan » 03 Apr 2013, 17:15

Hello everyone,

To ensure a better server quality for everyone (player and server admin) here are a few tips to help you in this task:
  • Firstly, when you host yourself a server (not via a game hoster), set the area related to the geographical location of the gameserver to ensure a good ping for the players on it.
  • Use maps according the maxplayer limit of your server (example: maps with 12 respawns for a maxplayer limit of 10-14)
  • Disable the Ban Vote
  • Name Moderators for your server if you can’t watch it often.
  • You can activate the abuse report for your server so that you can moderate your server even after the action.
  • If you need help with configuring your game server, don’t hesitate to ask the community. This can be done on the forums, or by using resources available on the Wiki.
  • To improve the quality of the players playing on your server, don’t hesitate to install the ManiaLive plugin “Trust Circle” and to link to others circles. This helps to avoid bad mannered players from accessing your server.
  • You are fully responsible of players behavior on your server and have the right to manage them as you want. you can use our Terms of Use to support you in this task.
  • To get extra help on your server moderation, please review our Trust Circles Tool.
For the complete Terms of Use, please review the: Ubisoft Terms of Use.


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