Relay Server won't start...- please help me

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Relay Server won't start...- please help me

Post by THE-R4V3R » 16 Nov 2013, 08:33

Hi guys,

think it is an annoying problem, but i can't get in my head.
I have a gameserver running and configured the dedicated.cfg to join relay servers:
dedi_the-01.txt main extracts:

Code: Select all



The Server is running fine no restrictions.
Now we'll go one to the Relay-Server configuration:

Code: Select all



it makes no diffenrence if i set a explicit number of players / spectators or leave them empty.
My Relay execution is very easy:

Code: Select all

./ManiaPlanetServer /dedicated_cfg=dedi_the-01.txt /join=the-01 /joinpassword=xxx /game_settings=MatchSettings/the-01.txt
For info: it is not possible to start the relay sever without any partameter of the matchsettings. I've read the wiki article from ... server_.3F where no matchsettings file was set via paramater. The result was that the server exits even before he tries to authenticate on the gameserver. If i add the paramter i'm getting one step further, but not ready. I use the same matchsettings on game- and relay server.

Now my problem:
And i try to start the relayserver. It will result with the following Outpout:

Code: Select all

[2013/11/16 08:06:00] Initializing...
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] Configuration file : dedi_therelay-01.txt
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] Loading system configuration...
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] ...system configuration loaded
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] Loading cache...
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] ...OK
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] Listening for xml-rpc commands on port 5017.
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] Loading dedicated server configuration...
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] ...Dedicated server configuration loaded
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] Connecting to master server...
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] ...OK
[2013/11/16 08:06:01] Identifying on master server...
[2013/11/16 08:06:02] ...OK
[2013/11/16 08:06:03] Please wait, loading...
[2013/11/16 08:06:06] URL: maniaplanet://#spectate=therelay-01@TMStadium
[2013/11/16 08:06:06] Match settings file : MatchSettings\the-01.txt
[2013/11/16 08:06:06] Loading match settings...
[2013/11/16 08:06:06] ...Match settings loaded
[2013/11/16 08:06:06] Starting relay on internet
[2013/11/16 08:06:07] Starting server...
[2013/11/16 08:06:07] Verifying password...
The gameserverlog adds also two lines:

Code: Select all

[2013/11/16 08:06:08] Connection of a new spectator: therelay-01(
[2013/11/16 08:06:08] Disconnection of therelay-01(
For me it doesn't make any sense. I have compared some settings with the old TMNF relay stuff, but no further surprising discover. Please let me know what's my mistake. The server instantly quits with or without configured join password.
I tried to get some further informations by adding "/verbose_rpc" like on the old TMNF Servers.

Greez R4V3R

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Re: Relay Server won't start...- please help me

Post by steeffeen » 16 Nov 2013, 08:45

yep, maniaplanet relay server don't work currently :/
it's not your fault
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    Re: Relay Server won't start...- please help me

    Post by pierre03 » 19 Nov 2013, 18:08

    Problem has been reported for a long time, we have to wait the new server update...

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    Re: Relay Server won't start...- please help me

    Post by arkone » 20 Nov 2013, 15:09

    And it gets to be very, very long now. We already missed relays for a lot of great matches and finals on your side at ET. Tonight, we won't be able to use relay servers for the Final of our first cup on Valley, again.
    We only have low quality streams as alternative when it is possible.

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    Re: Relay Server won't start...- please help me

    Post by _BLiNK_ » 21 Nov 2013, 18:37

    Hi all,

    I can't follow any stream on Twitch, too lagg, and I am not alone in this case.
    I think Nadeo doesn't want any relay server so that streamers have most viewers ... I would agree with that if we had quality streams without lagg , except this is not the case actually...

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