Docker for Maniaplanet Dedicated Server ?

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Re: Docker for Maniaplanet Dedicated Server ?

Post by oliverde8 » 29 Sep 2017, 22:18

toffe wrote:
29 Sep 2017, 22:14
The PyPlanet one is not quite finished. You can adjust it and make pull requests to remain it in one repo and have one stable one. I'm planning on using it more often. Planned is to make a docker-compose file for PyPlanet, database and dedicated.

The packs are indeed downloaded at execution, and not nicely yet. It's done because packs can and have already been updated without dedicated update.
EDIT: Also the reason behind is to support external titlepacks later on, and have them in a volume.
I thought of it, but as I went on a different path with the image download...

I have 2 images the base image that downloads the dedicated, and the title pack images. So I can update the title packs without full rebuild.
And for Title packs in volume, well you don't change title packs every day (beside for dev in which case your's might be easier to use).

At leas that what I thought :)
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