[TM Laps] False information displayed if force_laps is disabled

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[TM Laps] False information displayed if force_laps is disabled

Post by Platysynthesis » 04 Apr 2018, 22:34

For some reason, the server says that there are 30 warm-up rounds when there is actually just one warm-up round. Then, it says there are "0 of 0" laps when there is actually more than one, depending on a track, and the checkpoint counter shows as if there was only one lap when, as said before, there is actually more than one.

t's a laps server, so there are a lot of maps with a different amount of laps. The lap counter is fine when there's a certain number of laps forced onto the map (<force_laps_number>5</force_laps_number>), but when I disable that function (<force_laps_number>-1</force_laps_number>), it just breaks altogether, along with the checkpoint counter. It happens for all maps that are in the server.


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Re: [TM Laps] False information displayed if force_laps is disabled

Post by Eole » 16 Apr 2018, 16:12

I was not able to reproduce the problems on my side. I used the following settings in the MatchSettings file:

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	<setting name="S_ForceLapsNb" type="integer" value="-1"/>
	<setting name="S_WarmUpNb" type="integer" value="1"/>
S_ForceLapsNb = -1 -> To use the laps number saved in the map during the validation
S_WarmUpNb = 1 -> To launch one warm-up at the beginning of the map
You can also use the S_WarmUpDuration setting to choose the duration of one warm-up round. A negative value will disable the timer. 0 will use the author medal to determine the warm-up duration. Any positive value will be the duration of the warm-up in seconds.

You're using UAseco as server manager so I assume the server run the scripted Laps mode and not the legacy one? If you try to launch your server with the correct settings but without UAseco do you have the same problem?
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