2 Servers 1 vServer?

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2 Servers 1 vServer?

Post by Juramo » 09 Jun 2018, 15:50


could i place 2 dedicated Server on one vServer?

i did it and i cant see the second server in TM² Stadium. TM² shows just my first server..

--> my second server starts like my first server. I dont understand why i cant see my second server ingame.

Need help.

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Re: 2 Servers 1 vServer?

Post by oliverde8 » 09 Jun 2018, 15:58


you can, you simply need to change the ports so they run on different ports.

Exemple :

Server 1 runs on port 2350 & 3450
Server 2 runs on port 2351 & 3451

If you have a server controller you will also need to have a different xmlrpc port for each server 5000 & 5001 for example.

Edit : For information about ports. A simplified explanation. A port is a door into your server. But computers are stupid. So when someone(data) enters from a door it doesn't know which application it needs to go to. To solve this problem instead of having one door on your server you need multiple doors. One for each application instance you are running.

for example, there are a few standards By default port 80 is for the web. So when you open a webpage you go in through the door 80 of the web server. But how does the data come back to you if you do not have a port? Well, that's the fun part when you send data you need to send it through a door as well. So your browser will open a port temporarily to send the data, and then will wait for the response back. These ports are "random" if you have multiple website loading you have multiple doors temporarily opened to accept the data back. So data will quite port 1234 of your computer and it's destination is port 80 of the web server. Once the web server has processed your demand the website content is sent back from the web server to your port 1234 which is waiting for a result.

So how does this web work with the router? For a game server, I need to configure a route why not for web usage? Let's take back our example.
Computer1 asks for a website through its port 1234, the router receives the data in port 80 as it's in the way. The router is using port 1234 for another computer already. it chooses a new port 6789 and sends data to web server. The web server responds back to the router's port 6789. The router has mapped incoming port 6789 to internal compiter1's port 1234.

And voila.

For game servers or such this technique can't work; because you are not starting a connection with a player. The player is with you. Those temporarily opened ports are somehow secured preventing any intruders to enter. But when you are actually hosting you need to open up ports & configure proper forwards so that when a player asks the computer it knows to which software it needs to redirect the players' request.

I wrote this to try and explain why you need those changes hopefully it's clear enough.
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Re: 2 Servers 1 vServer?

Post by Juramo » 09 Jun 2018, 16:00

Thank you i will try.

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