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ERROR: Title unknown. ERROR: New mode unknown

Post by BestNoob » 29 Nov 2018, 13:35

If you want to bring back your old MP Server you have to be aware of a few changes.

Fix your MatchSettings file with new Lines from here: ... ers/helper

Check Pack directory:


and fix the server .bat file (windows) its changed to:
echo off
ManiaPlanetServer /title=TMCanyon@nadeo /dedicated_cfg=dedicated_cfg.txt /game_settings=MatchSettings/maplist.txt
if %errorlevel% NEQ 0 pause

For Errors like this:
[2018/11/29 12:16:19] ...ERROR: Title unknown. 'TMCanyon@nadeo' (no matching titlepack file found)
[2018/11/29 12:16:19] Listening for xml-rpc commands on port 5001.
[2018/11/29 12:16:19] Match settings file : MatchSettings\maplist.txt
[2018/11/29 12:16:19] Loading match settings...
[2018/11/29 12:16:19] ...ERROR: New mode unknown (only script mode supported).
...Could not load the match settings
[2018/11/29 12:16:19] Server not started: no Maps available. Check your matchsettings!
To join my TM Servers, search for: bestnoob :thumbsup:

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