S_TimeLimit : change default value

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S_TimeLimit : change default value

Post by jocio13 » 30 Apr 2020, 19:00


I want to know if it is possible de overwrite the default value of some server variables ?

For script TimeAttack.Script.txt :
> S_TimeLimit (default 300 seconds = 5 minutes) => I want to be equal to 43200 secondes (12 hours)

For script Rounds.Script.txt :
> S_WarmUpNb (default 0) => I want to be equal to 2
> S_RoundsPerMap (default -1) => I want to be equal to 3
> ...

Every time I reload my servers, I have to log on them and use pyplanet to change the values.

I have tried to used specific script file :
> I have added this file on my server : ~/maniaplanet-docker/UserData/Scripts/Modes/TrackMania/TimeAttack12h.Script.txt
> I have copied it from official file Modes/TrackMania/Base/ModeTrackmania.Script.txt
> I have only changed the line 18 : #Setting S_TimeLimit 43200 as _("Time limit :") ///< Time limit before going to the next map
> When I run the server, it is working by the dedimania plugin (pyplanet) doesn't work anymore because the game mode is not official

What else can I do ?

Thank you by adance for your help,

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Re: S_TimeLimit : change default value

Post by jonthekiller » 01 May 2020, 15:45


You need to modify the MatchSettings file you load at the start of the server where you can set the variables.

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Re: S_TimeLimit : change default value

Post by reaby » 01 May 2020, 20:35

Example of matchsettings file is shown there scroll to end of the section 2, you'll find example of maplist.txt-file.


That's the file you wish to change... also if you use pyplanet, you can do just //modesettings --> change the value you wish to have and afterwards do //writemaplist maplist.txt. You can skip writing the maplist.txt as option value in case you have set the same matchsettings file at pyplanet settings as you use for dedicated server.

Worth of noticing, this works for vanilla server (without controller) or with pyplanet or maniacontrol as server controller.
If you run uaseco you need to change it's config files instead.

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Re: S_TimeLimit : change default value

Post by jocio13 » 02 May 2020, 17:30

Je pense que j'ai réussi en ajoutant dans mon fichier MatchSettings ces lignes :

Code: Select all

		<!-- Round -->
		<setting name="S_DisplayTimeDiff" type="boolean" value="1"/>
		<setting name="S_FinishTimeout" type="integer" value="120"/>
		<setting name="S_MapsPerMatch" type="integer" value="1000"/>
		<setting name="S_PointsLimit" type="integer" value="-1"/>
		<setting name="S_RoundsPerMap" type="integer" value="3"/>
		<setting name="S_WarmUpDuration" type="integer" value="-1"/>
		<setting name="S_WarmUpNb" type="integer" value="2"/>
		<!-- TimeAttack -->
		<setting name="S_TimeLimit" type="integer" value="43200"/>

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