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lag helpfile

Post by d.m.f._nl_ » 02 Oct 2013, 16:28

Hi all

Since i noticed a lot of players ( in ( luckely not all ) have lag problems i made a .pdf file wich may help you out.
You can download it here ... Lag_MP.pdf

Its in Dutch and English
i used different sources and ingame experience

If you have more questions dont hasitate to ask :D


Edit: File updated at 4-October 2013
Easy click index and more added

Edit: File edited and updated on 13 jan. 2014
* Added 2 chapters
* Added download link for 3D Bart 2014 skin.
* Edited ports for forwarding
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Re: lag helpfile

Post by Pedal » 03 Oct 2013, 07:44

Very good idea and post that covers the most important factors on lag in MP TM2.

I would like to also link to a couple of other sources that also are very, very good. These are Nvidia-based so some of the explanations can be different from Amd.

Get rid of lag: ... ag-guide#1

Stable Gaming:

Gamers Graphics and settings guide:

Nvidia Forceware (Driver) and Control Panel Tweakguide:

All these guides are from the author of this site: and i would also recommend the guides for Windows.

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Re: lag helpfile

Post by Alinoa » 03 Oct 2013, 10:56

Good post and thank you for sharing it on the forums :thumbsup:
I posted it as sticky :)
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Re: lag helpfile

Post by rat_in_car » 30 Oct 2014, 12:22

Hmmm, strange.
Some of that advices in PDF has no sense.

1. Decrease game settings - Shadows == None - this settings is not present in TM2. After many months after release TM2 Canyon many people request possibility to decrease shadows, because game always returns to "high" or "very high" settings if anyone choose lower settings. So, after long time, TM2 programmers fix that problem by... removing any other options except "high" and "very high". "High" was renamed to "minimum" and "very high" (or "complex", I don't remember) to "high". :)

2. All firewall / router settings should not affect on lags. If does - this is game bug, not firewall / router problem and should be fixed as any other bug. This is not old, no longer supported game, so workarounds are not a solution for lags.

3. Drivers graphic card - one of the great myth about "new drivers can fix every problem". The same drivers after one year will be old, but will not slow down, right? Also - author doesn't know if new drivers really fix problem. It's just updating "just in case". In some cases, some Nvidia 4xx and 5xx cards can freeze win7 if you'll using dirvers above 314.22. For some very old cards or slower computers new drivers can be slower that old ones and can made lags. :)

My solution to fix lags and freezing problems is report them CONSTANTLY on ManiaPlanet until programmers made fixes.

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