[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions and FIX

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[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions and FIX

Post by TMarc » 13 May 2014, 20:56

This is a growing collection of relatively often asked questions.

See also the ManiaPlanet Wiki and the FAQ there.
  • Why does the mousewheel not work in the editor, but Page Up / Page Down works?
    Install newest mouse drivers, and also Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Centre software.
  • Why is the mouse or keyboard not working for the game (I can't use it for menus, also not in game), but they do work well for Windows?
    - In the Launcher, advanced video settings, compatibility, activate the cursor emulation.
    - If you're using any game "optimization" related tool, try uninstalling it. Tools like: nVidia GeForce Experience (noticed 3/15/2015)
  • Why can't I save replays?
    Probably it is disabled (e.g. this happened with an update).
    When starting ManiaPlanet, open the configuration, select the advanced configuration, go to the game tab, and there uncheck the box "Disable replay recording"
  • Why are skins not displayed?
    This can have various causes. Some are:
    - the firewall is blocking Peer-to-peer transfers, see also the Wiki for details (check windows own firewall, anti-virus or security suite, but also your modem / router!)
    - you did not allow the sharing of your own skin
    - the other player has not enabled P2P in his firewalls
    - game servers have disabled P2P exchange to prevent lags
    - the skin takes long to download (there should be a download bar in the upper right corner of the screen)
    - the skin linked with so called locator files is not available anymore
    How to fix:
    - check firewall and game settings
    - use a cloud storage for your skins and also use locators
    Currently there is an issue with changing skins e.g. in Stadium, unfortunately there is no bugfix available yet for it.
  • Where can I find DirectX installers?
    ManiaPlanet currently uses DirectX9. A installer progam is available here (please change your language accordingly before the download): DirectX 9 Web Installer
  • The game doesn't launch, instead a error is displayed that a DLL is missing (e.g. D3D9_43.dll). If I add it, there is a message that the DLL is not correct.
    You probably have installed the DLL manually. But on 64bit versions of Windows, the DLL has to be placed in two locations: c:\Windows\System32 and c:\Windows\SysWOW64
  • The game is stuttering a lot since the recent update, any idea?
    Please reset your system configuration to defaults. Usually it is enough to delete the file Default.SystemConfig.Gbx in your Windows "my documents"\ManiaPlanet\Config folder. Also delete your other settings files if you are using different than the default.
    Let the game detect the best settings for your system.
    Do not forget to restore the following settings: Saving of replays, P2P settings, Network speed.
  • Online servers are not displayed.
    Please click on the button "legacy browser" (click enter -> multiplayer -> then click on the "legal browser" button in the left bottom of the menu).
  • Why is the game taking longer time to launch than some time before?
    The longer you have the game installed, the more files will be created and stored. Mostly this will be replays, but also cached files like skins, mods, tracks from multiplayer gaming, lightmaps, etc. Therefore the first thing to check is the cache. It can be cleaned in the advanced game launcher configuration, Peer-to-peer menu, button "Clean the cache". But also check the stuff you have created or downloaded yourself and placed actively in your Maniaplanet files, like packs, mods, skins and tracks.
  • A community FIX for game freezing
    Original thread here: viewtopic.php?p=271741#p271741
    Miss wrote:I made a thread recently reporting a bug about the game freezing very often (multiple times a day) if you have a gamepad or joystick connected. I got frustrated that there weren't any fixes or any updates from Nadeo coming out, so I decided to take it upon myself to patch the game, and it appears I've succeeded in fixing this issue.

    Since this seems to be an issue a lot of people are having, I've made it super easy to install for anyone.

    Here's how you do it:

    1. Download Maniafix: Maniafix_1.0.1.zip
    2. Extract the zip file in your game folder (eg. where you have ManiaPlanet.exe).
    3. Now, instead of using ManiaPlanet.exe to launch the game, use ManiafixLauncher.exe to start the game. (Change your shortcuts for easier access, for example.)
    4. Done! Running the game via ManiafixLauncher.exe will fix the freezing issue. :)

    Note: This only works with the latest current version (as of the moment of writing, the build from 2015-06-18).
    Note 2: There have been reports of AV software reporting this tool as malware. This is a false positive, it just becomes paranoid when an application tries to mess with the executable memory of another application.

    I've also made the source code available on Github.

    Let me know if this works for you! :thx:

Note to admins and moderators when you want to add new points here: please use the list tags around each question/answer pair to have a blank line between for better readability. Thanks!
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Re: [FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Alinoa » 14 May 2014, 10:43

Very good idea TMarc :thumbsup:

You can write a message in this thread if you want to add more FAQ. Then we will update the topic :)
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