Read this before ask for Support.

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Read this before ask for Support.

Post by kalimerre » 23 Aug 2011, 17:42

Welcome here ! :yes:

This new forum has been created to players who has problem with ManiaPlanet's games.

Before post, please use tag in the title of your topic.
First tag must be the game : [TM2], [SM], [QM]
Second tag is a keyword like suggested by FToWnPlAyA :
EDITOR: ( Editor Bugs )
CRASHES: ( Game crashes )
CODE: ( Drivers disappear, counter does not work, etc... )
ART: ( Art bugs, shadow, textures issues, light issues, etc... )
HUD: ( Hud elements are broken, etc.. )
MENU: ( menu or options does not work or they are broken )
CONNECTION: ( Internet connection issues )
SOUND: ( Sound issues )
PERFORMANCE: ( Good PC? Bad performance? Write down your low fps issues )
TEXT: ( Localisation bugs, translation bugs, etc... )
KEY : (Problems about key, activation, key used, not receive the key...)
CONTROLERS : (Xbox360 pad, keybord, joystick, wheel...)
PAYEMENT : (Payement refused or other..)
OTHER : (All other problems which aren't referenced here ...)
For example if I have a problem about crashes on ShootMania, my topic's title will be : [SM] Crashes - Your title.

Your topic must respect this model to report a bug or to ask a support :
What is the Bug? Shadow is broken when player activates
How can I reproduce it? Activate High settings and play the game
What is my expectation of this bug? Shadow is not broken during gameplay

If you want answers from Nadeo's staff, Moderators or helpers, it's better if you join some screenshots, or videos.
You can also add Crashlog.txt if your game has been crashed. You can find it on : My Documents => ManiaPlanet => CrashlogXXX.txt

Finally don't forget to include your configuration like that :

Code: Select all

-Hardware (graphic card, processor, ram ...)
-System (windows XP/Vista/7 32 or 64, Home or Pro etc.) and system account type: single user, administrator rights, multiple users etc.
-Network (type of connection, speed, specific network configuration)
-Default browser (ie, firefox, chrome, opera etc.)
-Antivirus and firewall
Once your topic is answered add this tag to the original post
[Fixed] When it is
[Closed] When not applicable or else
[PP] When fixing delayed (not a priority or can not do it at this time)
Please respect these informations, where your post will be locked/deleted.

Have a nice day on ManiaPlanet's forum !


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