Frames sometimes capped at 50 in TM2

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Frames sometimes capped at 50 in TM2

Post by ManNni1 » 03 Sep 2017, 16:51

I think I've had this issue since MP4 is out but I'm not entirely sure. It was definetely not there before. So when I start up my game I have a very high chance that my frames per second seem to be capped at 50. Restarting my PC sometimes fixes the problem, but I'd say out of five times of starting up the game I'll have the FPS locked 50 four times. I've checked if I have set a framerate cap in the launcher or ingame and I've even checked my graphics driver's control center for a cap but there were none. I couldn't find anything on google or in these forums, I guess it's a pretty rare bug :3

Anyway, maybe somebody can help me, would appreciate it :)

Edit: I'm using a Radeon r9 280 if that's important.

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Re: Frames sometimes capped at 50 in TM2

Post by Rots » 03 Sep 2017, 23:18

any "performance/consumption cap" checked in radeon software? I have an rx480 and no problems with updated drivers.
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