[TM2] No block top / bottom and hitbox

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[TM2] No block top / bottom and hitbox

Post by Nsgr » 17 Sep 2017, 10:26

Bug: When blocks like 4-1-3 are placed on top of each other, they have no top / bottom (this includes the hitbox). The MP4 Editor seems to ignore the direction of the blocks stacked on each other, simply deleting the top and bottom of the block. This causes bugs at blocks with different directions.

What I expected to happen: The blocks simply have a hitbox, top and bottom.

Steps for this bug: Pretty easy.
Select, for example, 4-1-3 and place it in the air.

Then, place the same block (for example) 2 blocks under it.

If you now place a block between it (different direction to see the bug), and the block is totally glitched ._.

Nice thought for blocks like 5-1-1 tho

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Re: [TM2] No block top / bottom and hitbox

Post by amin22 » 08 Nov 2017, 13:38

I got the same bug. It is maybe caused by the blockmix between the 4-1-3 block and the cp.

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