FPS drop and low GPU usage

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Re: FPS drop and low GPU usage

Post by ogami » 17 Oct 2017, 22:32

Hello Luckyboy,

I suppose you talked about ctrl+F11?

Here are three screenshots from the start up to 10 minutes.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/o55ksvd2brm6p ... ts.7z?dl=0

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Re: FPS drop and low GPU usage

Post by LuckyBoy » 19 Oct 2017, 15:43

Thanks for the screens.
Yes you're right F11 was what I meant.
There is also Ctr+F12 to check your GPU is not using any powerstate (check the value is 0, a higher one means it's saving power / loosing perf).
=> please check also Ctr+F12 output

That's quite strange: according to your numbers, it looks car's cube reflect render cost more and more, though cost should be way more stable.
The 2nd thing is that def. read perf. is also raising.

Could you check performances without car reflects (in game config) ?

I've tried to reproduce that on a NVidia GTX 970 but without success. (driver 382.05 windows 10 - 64b)
(ValleyA09 like you said)

It's strange it looks likle something is accumulating in the render.

When you restart the race, does perf get back to normal ?

When you re-size (windowed /ex), does perf get back to normal ?


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Re: FPS drop and low GPU usage

Post by ogami » 19 Oct 2017, 18:40


So to sum up, My initial case is:
Full screen, 4k (downsampled to a 2k resolution on a 144hz G sync monitor). FXAA on, Reflections high, everything else default. GPU Pmode is 0.

From my initial case i did the following:

1/ waited for the FPS to drop from 140 to 100, then set lowest car reflection (the lowest is "low", couldn't find an ingame option for no reflection): FPS jump to 120 then decrease steadily as in the initial case.

2/ set reflection to high again. The FPS immediately drop to 70 then continue to decrease. Pmode still 0

3/ switch to windowed, resolution is set to 1080p, FPS 60 FPS still decreasing. Pmode is switched to 2

4/ switch to full screen windowed, resolution is set to 2k, FPS start at 60 but again decreasing. Pmode is still 2

5/ try to switch back to full screen 4k but have some troubles doing so (this happens to me often), when i click "apply" the screen reverts back to full screen windowed 2k, after several tries, it works, Pmode switches back to 0 after 4 seconds. FPS are still 50-60 and still decreasing with time.

6/ I quit the map, in the menu FPS go back to 150 (the cap), then i re-enter A09, FPS are 70 and decreasing, Pmode is still 0

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