Stadium Solo maps error

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Re: Stadium Solo maps error

Post by null8fuenf10 » 05 Oct 2018, 19:13

Sometimes, i have a similar screen,when i play TM!

It happens in online races and in solo mode.

Missed to make screenshots, cause i can get out of the screen, i think it was with the (back) Button and then play normaly.

Next time i'll make screenshot and post here, too!

Sad, that such things happen and this at this state of MP. :(
I hope Ubisoft Support, can help you fast. :thumbsup:

This sometimes happens, too: [img] (Uuups, how i post pictures? :oops:) (Wow, i didn't know that this is possible with imgur! :o )

null8fuenf10 :pil

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Re: Stadium Solo maps error

Post by Spleecho » 08 Oct 2018, 18:50

Well, it seems that Steam installation is wrong. I bought TM Stadium standalone long time ago, and found the details, installed it standalone, and all works fine.
So, there's a problem to be solved. ;)

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Re: Stadium Solo maps error

Post by TMarc » 08 Oct 2018, 19:11

That's great news finally :thumbsup: At least you can play now :yes:
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