[TM2]Game rules

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[TM2]Game rules

Post by mrchipmunk » 10 Oct 2011, 03:53

I'm just wondering if there are any in-game rules because I feel that what this person is doing is wrong. The server login is rgc-canyon and I know exactly who it is, but I don't want to mention any names for obvious reasons.


Thanks in advance

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Re: [TM2]Game rules

Post by firstdriver » 10 Oct 2011, 13:34

Usually the rules are made by the admin of each seperate server ... No Swearing, No Racism etc, but when it is obvious that the admin of a server is at fault then I would think,and only think, that it passes to a higher authority

I think the people who run things here aren't going to like that at all so hopefully they'll warn or boot the server off. All the rest of us players who disagree with this biased server should comment here and/or boycott this server for its attitude (note the track names). Good call mate

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Re: [TM2]Game rules

Post by RedVirus » 10 Oct 2011, 18:42

Unfortunately, there will always be people that will try to create drama. But after reading the Ubisoft TOS, it does state under "rules of conduct" that there will be no harrassing, embarrassing, threatening...ect. I think this falls nicely into that category. To me, this is the same as those that cheat in game, or steal tracks and rename them to show them as the originator. That happened to me on a few occassions. This person is in his late 30's and maybe he will learn his lesson and grow up if they blocked his server from appearing on the list. Oh well, the world needs people like this to keep it interesting. :sucks:

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