[TM2] EDITOR - Can't Compute Shadows

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[TM2] EDITOR - Can't Compute Shadows

Post by 745 » 15 Nov 2011, 05:08

Can't compute shadows on editor, to be able to save the map to play Online with it.

Message shown:
When Fast/Default/High: Shadow computation disabled (Video caps too low => Very Fast => Exit).
When on Very fast: Shadow computation disabled (Video caps too low => Exit).

AMD Sempron 2600 1,6GhZ
Video: GeForce 6200 256MB
Windows XP SP2 32bits

It's a oldie indeed, and don't expect to buy a new one soon. On TMF was able to compute shadows even on the highest quality.

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Re: [TM2] EDITOR - Can't Compute Shadows

Post by TMarc » 15 Nov 2011, 21:32

Lol, TMC is not TMUF :roflol:
The complexity of Canyon is a huge lot more than TMUF.
Second, this already has been adressed I think, if not already by you,
and here we can only hope that Nadéo will add a "low quality" shadow computing that needs only CPU power.
But until then you will have to ask a friend who has a better video card to render shadows for you unfortunately.
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