TM 2 car skin - SERVER IS GONE now !!!

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TM 2 car skin - SERVER IS GONE now !!!

Post by Phoenix0072009 » 15 Oct 2022, 21:33

I was always driving a car skin from MANIAPARK ...

Until a couple of days ago, the skin I used for the past years is gone now, it won't load anymore with my game ...
I know that server was closed up because it got hacked, but Nadeo or whoever didn't want to build a new server for this ...

Why not ??? Isn't Trackmania popular enough ????

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Re: TM 2 car skin - SERVER IS GONE now !!!

Post by Xymph » 16 Oct 2022, 10:24

Nadeo isn't involved with community sites, the (T)MX crew is rebuilding ManiaPark.
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Re: TM 2 car skin - SERVER IS GONE now !!!

Post by eyebo » 13 Nov 2022, 11:37

Even though the site isn't online yet, TMX is hosting the locators for all Carpark and Maniapark skins and mods, so they should still work for you.
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