=RR= Dirt Title Pack

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=RR= Dirt Title Pack

Post by Electron » 10 Feb 2015, 19:11

Hello Dirt fans,

I would like to present the new =RR= Dirt Title Pack (Dirt Reloaded) to you:



Description: This Title Pack contains a fine selection of over 100 well-known TrackMania 1 Dirt tracks created by members of =RR= Rentner Reloaded. All maps are completely ported to TrackMania 2.

Contents: Solo campaign with 75 challenging maps and currently 34 extra maps, 5 mods and 3 sign packs

Cost: 0 Planets (free)

Manialink: TMDirt

Download: Via the Title Manialink above, directly using the Manialink RRDirt or via the ManiaPlanet Store.


Q: Are any custom objects/items included?
A: There are currently no objects available in the editor.

Q: Where can I find the extra maps?
A: Main Title Menu -> Local Play -> Single Maps -> Dirt Title Extra Maps

Q: Do you plan to provide a multiplayer campaign?
A: The =RR= servers were switched off long ago. Therefore, no multiplayer campaign is available. However, feel free to run any Dirt server using this title.

Q: Is there a map pack of the solo campaign available for download?
A: No, I'm sorry. All maps doesn't include any locators. So they are not properly functional outside the title pack.

=RR= Electron
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Re: =RR= Dirt Title Pack

Post by jui » 15 Feb 2015, 09:10

My Review :D
Very well done Titlepack!
Although i am not a big Dirt player the maps are really fun and creative.
Lots of content for solo play.
Definitely worth the download and must have for Dirt fans :1010

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Re: =RR= Dirt Title Pack

Post by TMarc » 15 Feb 2015, 11:41

Nice :thumbsup:
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Re: =RR= Dirt Title Pack

Post by wtcfred » 25 Feb 2015, 10:26

omg so happy to play again these wonderful maps :thumbsup:

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=RR= Dirt Title Pack available again

Post by Electron » 14 Dec 2018, 13:54

After the disastrous update to Maniaplanet 4.0 the Dirt Title Pack had to be removed from the store due to the countless bugs in the game:

- The lightmaps of all maps must be recalculated
- Most maps that use modified blocks must be re-saved
- Maps with blockmixing are now completely broken
- New material for Stadium dirt requires new mod textures
- Modified font requires the adjustment of lines and bars in MediaTracker clips

Bugs with far-reaching consequences:
- Invalid camera targets and anchors in MediaTracker clips
- 2D triangles in MediaTracker clips are invisible

After one and a half years Nadeo has finally fixed almost all bugs concerning this title pack.

Therefore the =RR= Dirt Title Pack is now available again in the shop.

All maps of the solo campaign and the mods have been updated. However, the extra maps are no longer included.
The campaign map A03 was updated and the maps A02 and A07 had to be replaced. Therefore, you may not receive any additional skill points for these three maps.

Unfortunately, the game did not calculate the shadows properly for some maps. If possible, there will be an update later.
I hope the quality of the maps is still good enough and that you have a lot of fun playing the solo campaign again.

Download: Via the title Manialink TMDirt, directly using the Manialink RRDirt or via the ManiaPlanet Store.

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