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Post by matsilagi_tmu » 21 Jul 2017, 18:35

If you think TM looks fine the way it is, leave the thread, but if you think it lacks something, keep reading!

I've always liked TrackMania, a lot. But one thing it always lacked was color, it was either too colorful or totally dull. So i decided to fix that.

When i started modding it, i saw how powerful the MP engine is in terms of lighting, the Moods now actually change the look and feel of the tracks, and the mods can make the Canyon feel like something completely different if well modded.

I also changed the scope of the project, in the oldest version , it was extremely heavy and not even me with my shitty GT730 could run it back at the time, now it just uses a LUT, Color Modifications and Chromatic Aberration.

ImageManiaPlanet 2017-07-20 01-53-01 by Matsilagi, no Flickr

Do you have an old eye-candy track or a highly-detailed titlepack taking dust on your Harddisk? Now might be the perfect time to replay it!

ImageManiaPlanet 2017-07-20 01-50-30 by Matsilagi, no Flickr

The days are now shinier, brighter! Get ready to almost feel the sun at your face with the breeze of Lagoon's sea, all of that while keeping the performance impact minimum!

ImageManiaPlanet 2017-07-21 14-26-57 by Matsilagi, no Flickr

Nights got darker to drive on, you better have a car with some shiny lighting system and lots of attention when doing night-shifts at tracks with low-illumination. This mod removes the excessive blue light (probably caused by the Moon beign disguised as a blue flashlight) on the night moods, causing tracks to be more natural and darker, this might make driving at night a pain for pro-players, but a challenge for people who enjoys realism.

1 - Download ReShade
2 - Download the mod here , but don't install it yet
3 - Install ReShade on the game.
4 - Follow the tutorial, name the preset Enhancer.ini
5 - Leave the Game and extract all the files, replacing whatever is prompted.
6 - Run the game again and it should be applied! Enjoy!

Credits to:
Crosire: ReShade
MartyMcFly: Lightroom and LUT Shaders, LUT itself
Me (Matsilagi): Configuring the preset, took lots of time.

Enjoy the new visuals!

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