Car Skins Not Showing In-Game

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Car Skins Not Showing In-Game

Post by kieran3296 » 28 Jul 2017, 13:37

ok, i am completely new with the TM2 skin system and just installed a few off the steam workshop AND imported a few off the maniapark. all of the skins show in the editor menu, the models work fine, and from what i guessed, having them in my 'garage' would put them in the skin rotation while i play in the campaign, right? while playing i didnt see any of the skins pop-up at all in campaign which was annoying.
however when i went to profile and selected the car it instantly worked like i expected, except now i only drove that car.

what can i do to have my cars cycle, but also include the custom skins/models?

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Re: Car Skins Not Showing In-Game

Post by TMarc » 29 Jul 2017, 00:27

In the normal campaign, the skin should not "rotate", it should be the one you have selected in your profile for that title.
What you might have seen are the skins for the opponent cars.

Which title did you play, was it the official campaign?
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