In game : Editing GPS.

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In game : Editing GPS.

Post by mooseman2099 » 10 Apr 2020, 13:16

I have noticed a slight problem and it is quite strange. but does have a knock on effect. I will try explain.

While editing In the In game editor for live action, example making a GPS in the live system. Every thing is fine until you make a validation time of the track. This ghost is then added to the list of ghosts. Your name is added to the ghost list.

Note : not the ghost itself just the name in the top left hand corner player ghost 1 /2/3 example. Placed as 1 in list.

For a few years I have just saved the track and left the editor. Then re-entered to solve the issue. So thought I might as well add it here for your things to do. Or maybe help others for a simple solution.

The Custom camera is the one I use mostly or the red line, if i called it wrong. Started to do tracks again. That's how i know its still there ;) .


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