How to: LODs (blender)

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How to: LODs (blender)

Post by kevinijk » 28 Oct 2017, 19:38

Simply call the hi-res object myobj_Lod0 and the lower res one myobj_Lod1, etc.

Details/ Troubleshooting:
It is case sensitive, capital L lowercase o and d.
This has to be the name of the OBJECT, not the object's mesh. Mesh names don't matter as far as I know. I guess the fbx exporter uses object names to set the mesh-names in the generated fbx file...
All of the Lod's are exported into the SAME fbx file. The xml files are the same whether you use LOD's or not.
Blender has a weird way of resolving duplicates so make sure that it didn't silently rename one of the objects; names like xyz_Lod.001 are bad news.

I don't know if (in addition to ensuring no overlap within each mesh) you must ensure that the low res mesh's UV doesn't overlap the high res mesh, or if you must ensure the low-res LOD overlaps as 1:1 as possible. This is because I am not sure if it computes the high-res only or somehow also calculates the low-res.

Other notes:
I don't know how to control the cutoff-distance between the LOD's for different objects, it seems to be proportional to object size (add ghost vertexes to increase it?).
Convert Assistant will use the Lod0 for the physics as well, no other Lod's are used for the physics.
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Re: How to: LODs (blender)

Post by Skyslide » 28 Oct 2017, 22:21

Lod1 Lightmap needs to overlap lightmap from lod0
lod0 lightmap will be calculated, lod1 uses lightmap from lod0, so keep the uv projects from lod0, otherwise you will have random shadows

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