Sorting Signs

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Sorting Signs

Post by Kousseau » 18 Dec 2017, 23:39

I feel like it would be a nice feature to be able to sort our signs by, for example, folders they're in.
For now I have 3 different signpacks and it is already over 100 pages of signs with only alphabetical sorting available so I have to remember exactly where each sign is.

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Re: Sorting Signs

Post by Demented » 19 Dec 2017, 17:22

I agree.
This has been suggested before and I think it is a good idea.
It might be nice to have seperate folders and or even a list of like the last 10 or 20 signs used... or a "Most Used" list.
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Re: Sorting Signs

Post by rachovolker » 20 Dec 2017, 20:09

Please, Please make this possible again.

Either make it sortable by folders those signs are placed in, or even add a function to hide certain folders/signs when building a track similar to mods. (i.e. only show all the signs in the ESL folder if I build on this track for ESL; added bonus points if the editor would remember it for the next building session on that track)

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