Custom Objects: Cubicsystem

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Custom Objects: Cubicsystem

Post by Frankthetankmp » 25 May 2018, 20:38

I made a few custom objects which only work if they can just be placed in this cubic block system (as normal blocks). Otherwise it would be too tricky to place the blocks correctly. Is there a possibility to make the objects settable like the normal blocks?

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Re: Custom Objects: Cubicsystem

Post by Demented » 26 May 2018, 16:50

In Item "Properties" Click "Placement Parameters" and fiddle with "Grid Horizontal Size" and "Fly Step".
Try setting "Grid Horizontal Size" to 32 (that's a standard NADEO block size) and Fly Step to 8 (that's the height grid).
Most of what I know about Item editing is from fiddling around with things and figuring it out on my own along with some helpful tips from Xrayjay, Angry_duck and Niebo26 so there may be more or better ways to do this but this is what I've discovered.

You might take a look at the topic Custom Item Editor Q&A for a few other tips and if you don't mind, maybe even put this question in there so other people can find helpful tips for item editing. :)
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