Environments excluding surroundingareas

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Environments excluding surroundingareas

Post by Frankthetankmp » 27 May 2018, 15:53

As you all know there is a second stadium envi which has the decosize 64x64 and which EXCLUDED the sourrounding landscape (the stadium itself).
This excluding feature in made it possible to make big decoareas (with tmunlimiter or now openplanet) without surroundingarea textures which are in the way. You just had one big flat to build. No annoying area which is in the middle of the map and which has no mass.

Unfortunately this excluding secon environment does not exist vor canyon, valley and lagoon. But it would be really good to have.
For example when you create an lagoon 128x128 map with openplanet: The watertexture of the decoarea and the watertexture of the surroundingarea bite each other which causes flickering. Also if you do the same in valley or canyon: In the middle of the map you will have surrounding area hills without mass.
With those excluding-sourroundingarea-environments for all the environments there would be much more possibilitys. Why there are no? And will there ever be some?

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