Map Editor needs tweaks.

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Map Editor needs tweaks.

Post by TheKoon » 28 Sep 2011, 11:50

First off I would like to say this is not a flame thread, in fact I like this editor more then the predecessors. Though, I have a few issues with it that are making it hard for me to make maps. The first is the green highlight box surrounding the chosen block. It is far too solid and I have a 50% chance of placing my block wrong because I can't see which way it faces. Now if there is a way to change that, you would be my hero to tell me such methods. My second issue is the fact that when I go into underground mode to edit some... underground stuff... some of my blocks pull a Houdini and disappear (once all of it did). If there is a fix for this, once again please be a gentleman.

Luckily those are the only two issues I am having (besides the random crashes without error messages).

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Re: Map Editor needs tweaks.

Post by XCaliber » 26 Oct 2011, 16:25

As Far as placing Underground blocks that are green highlighted, I too experience block placement to be difficult and have found that placing blocks is improved by zooming out. If i am too close (zoomed in) placing is nearly impossible. If i zoom out, my chances improve. Also, I use the arrow keys with placement of these underground blocks, if using mouse proves to be difficult. I hope this helps, though i know it does not fix the root cause.

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