Manialink in mediatracker online problem

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Manialink in mediatracker online problem

Post by maxi031 » 16 Jan 2014, 16:32

Manialink in mt works ok while plaing offline, if player step on trigger manialink starts playing, and when player respawns, or trigger some other mt, manialink is gone.
But when playing online manialink does not close when player respawns or run onto another trigger, its stays on screen or starts playing from begging. And script stops executing after some time, so if you have some script waiting for any event it wont work.

Or i am using manialink in the wrong way.

Any help is welcome. :3
My specs:
MOBO: MB AM3+ 970 Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P
CPU: AM3+ AMD FX-8320E
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX750-Ti ASUS 2GB DDR5
RAM: DDR3 8GB 1866MHz Kingston HyperX
SSD: SATA3 120gb SanDisk
OS: Windows 7 Profesional SP1 64-bit OS

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