[Request] Multi-selection in the MediaTracker

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[Request] Multi-selection in the MediaTracker

Post by Nerpson » 19 Feb 2015, 13:20


What do you think about a functionality that allows the user to select multiple blocks by holding the Image button.


Then, you will be able to delete, rename or export as a clip the selected blocks. :thumbsup:

Have a nice day.

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Re: [Request] Multi-selection in the MediaTracker

Post by purification » 19 Feb 2015, 13:25

Totally agree, +1.

It could be way more comfortable to move severals patterns in one click.
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Re: [Request] Multi-selection in the MediaTracker

Post by summerdrive » 28 Apr 2017, 21:04

Yes, this would be a fantastic addition, it takes forever for me to delete 200 replays in the Media Tracker/Replay Editor. I did try the Ctrl-click method which is the standard way in Windows, but like you say, it doesn't work here.

Yes, Nadeo, please add this to make our lives easier.

And for me, the next important change would be a way to make all replays stretch to the same end time as the length of the timeline. I have to do each one, one-at-a-time, and that takes forever. I hear there is a workaround for that but I haven't yet found the details of how to do it. (if anyone knows about that please let me know). A simple button could be added, or perhaps a hot-key combination.

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