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Lagging/Chopping...Please Help

Posted: 05 Jul 2013, 08:01
by c0ldkilla
I am not sure why but for some reason while playing multiplayer (never SP) my game will start lagging. Most of the time its about halfway through the match but it has also happened at the beginning. Sometimes this will persist the for a few seconds or a few minutes. This happens on every server I join. I turned the graphics to performance and disabled downloads but it still does it.

I do not believe it is my connection (10mb dl, 1 mb ul) nor my computer. I can run League of Legends, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, all at max settings and all online.

Any ideas????

Re: Lagging/Chopping...Please Help

Posted: 05 Jul 2013, 08:36
by tcq
If it only happens on online play, try to reduce the amount of visible cars.

Either press O when playing online. But then no cars except you will be displayed.

Or reduce the amount of cars visible around you.
Start the launcher. Configure -> advanced -> Game -> Opponents limit count -> set a number to opponent maximum count (e.g. 4).
Select opponents -> hide to close
Adjust the settings for
Particle quality of cars
Player shadows
Player Occlusion

You can also press ^, when playing online to remove the player tags over the cars.

Re: Lagging/Chopping...Please Help

Posted: 05 Jul 2013, 08:38
by Alinoa
Can you please specify your system specs?

Re: Lagging/Chopping...Please Help

Posted: 06 Jul 2013, 05:04
by c0ldkilla
There are times at the beginning of a map that I do not lag at all. I do not think it has anything to do with anyone else on the map.

I5 3.0ghz (6MB chace)
GeForce GTX 660
8 GB DDR3 @ 1600 mhz
1TB SATA (no SSD...makes me sad)

The only other thing I have running while playing is mumble. I also use a logitech gamepad...not sure if that would make a difference.

It seems a new driver came out for my card 6 days ago. I am downloading it now. Hopefully that helps.

EDIT: The new drivers did not help....