How to report suspicious records in TM2?

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How to report suspicious records in TM2?

Post by Vrba » 11 Nov 2015, 22:22

How to report suspicious TM2 records on

Here I'll describe you the 3 simple steps on how to correctly report a suspicious entry on the website.

1. How to spot a potential suspicious entry?


When driving on any server, you may sometimes notice a record, that might looks suspicious. You can use the picture below as an example.

The first thing you want to do is type /dedisectms in the chat. After you press enter this should appear in the middle of your screen.

Here you can see the times between Start/CP, CP/CP and CP/Finish also known as sector times. If there should be a line with sectors that are very different from the others you might want to check if the track could potentially have a shortcut/trick to gain time.

Typing /dedicptms will show you times at each checkpoint instead of sectors. Use the one you feel more comfortable with, but I suggest using the other, as it's much easier to navigate that way.

Take the picture above as an example of what might look suspicious. As you see the top 2 was made in a different way as the rest.


When you're on a server that runs eXpansion, you have to rightclick anywhere on the screen, though best if somewhere in the higher middle, so you have the whole menu displayed on screen. You slide your mouse over the Records option, which will open a smaller sub-menu, where you chave to click on the Dedimania option after. Example shown on the picture below.

Upon clicking on Dedimania, a list of dedirecords will appear, who drove what time. At the bottom right of this window you have to press the Cp Times (look 1st picture under) button to get a screen showing you the times at each checkpoint for each record, same concept as the /dedicptms in XAseco2|UAseco. (look 2nd picture below) Image

2. How to report?

As there are some rules about reporting, I'll explain to you how to understand them.

The basic information you need to take from TrackMania is the login of the suspicious record/records and the login of the map author.


You can locate the map author login in the top right corner of your screen. It should look something like this:
In this particular case, the author login is: salomao.

You can see the player login if you type /dedirecs in the chat, on the picture below you can see what will appear in the middle of your screen. The player login is listed in the middle in blue color between the player name and the record time.

In this particular case that login is: vrbnjak


The login of the suspicious entry and the login of the map author will be visible in the following updates, as the eXpansion team is working on it at the moment. There will probably be a button, that will redirect you to the tracks list of records on the, where you will be able to copy the UID from the text-box.

*Once the update is out, I'll update the post with sufficient information.
Once you've gotten both of these written down somewhere or memorised, go to and press TM2 Stats on the menu above. The following thing you want to press is the Records button I've highlighted in the picture below, as there's Record right next to it, so you don't get confused.

When you've pressed Records, you'll se a few empty spaces where you have to type in the information you've gathered before. In Login you type in the login of the player with a suspicious entry and in Author you type in the login of the map author. On the right you must also choose the enviroment in which you've seen this record. It should look like this when you've filled out the basic important information:

When that's done, press the Send [>] button.

It will show you a list of all the persons records on the tracks made by that exact author. The list might be big if there's a lot of tracks made by that author, but there's a way to make the list shorter. If the suspicious record is ranked 1 on dedimania, all you have to do is open the menu shown on the picture below and press Rank-1.

If the suspicious entry is any other rank, you can adjust that in the Rank menu to minimalize the list of records. On the left side of that menu, you have the Mode menu, which will let you choose between TA and Rounds. Here you choose the one in which the record was made. If you saw the record online when playing in time attack mode you choose TA, and if you were playing in rounds mode you choose Rounds.

Once that's done, you will see the record you've been searching for. Now you have to click on the track name, as seen on the picture below.

After you've clicked the track name, an UID (Unique Identification Number) will appear in the previously empty UID space. Double click that number, and copy it. The UID is usually a mixture of letters and numbers for example: Qca1crgL3ymf7fFL2D6cF4EiwS6
All UID are different, but they're easily recognizable with this random pattern that may also contain some underlines in it.

Now you must go to the dedimania forum, where you will make your post in this topic:
(How to register on the website can be found on step 3, if it's your first time there)

When writting the report, always make sure it doesn't contain any insults or unnecessary text that isn't really related to the report itself. I'll give you an example of what I think is a simple, yet effective report:

Login: vrbnjak
UID: Qca1crgL3ymf7fFL2D6cF4EiwS6
Reason: Suspicious sectors/CPs.

That's 3 lines that give absolutely all the information needed for a record to be looked at.

3. How to register on

The easiest way is to press this link and press the TM² Connect button and you should be redirected to the ManiaPlanet player login. There you have to type in your login and password and press Sign In when done. After that you will be redirected to the dedimania page. Now you can use this link again and you will be able to make your report.

I hope these steps helped you understand how the reporting works, so more people are aware of this and there's a bigger chance the possibly cheated records get removed and players that drove them banned from dedimania.

The goal is to keep dedimania as clean as possible and as fair as possible. For any additional information feel free to ask here.


P.S. For reporting use only the dedimania forum!

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