Can I "Create Server" Ingame in the Beta?

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Can I "Create Server" Ingame in the Beta?

Post by gimpymoo » 21 Aug 2011, 10:52

When I click Create and enter the settings, I do not see any playlists.

I assume this feature is disabled in beta?

If it is enabled, how do I make my own playlists with custom maps?


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Re: Can I "Create Server" Ingame in the Beta?

Post by Grammir_Profeshinal » 27 Aug 2011, 03:14

You have to have some tracks to do it...did you see your custom tracks anywhere?
Either download some tracks from the server (if it permits) or
Then you should be able to.
I was able to start one with all the tracks I like.
Hope this helps you.
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Re: Can I "Create Server" Ingame in the Beta?

Post by RickTheAssassinOSS » 05 Sep 2011, 05:26

I have a custom track and every time I create a game with my map I get the "warning, you appear to be on a private network. If you have not set up your NAT others may not be able to connect"..... I have forwarded the ports on my router, set windows firewall to allow both private & public TCP & UDP, also have set ZONE Alarm to allow PlanetMainia into super zone, and even set Zone Alarm into Game Mode Allow all... friends see me and try to connect, but getting error msg. with connecting to my IP... IP is the correct one... SO any one have ideas and or some place to get instructions?



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