Wish : Bring back InfoLive in races!

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Wish : Bring back InfoLive in races!

Post by Fabinou38 » 10 Mar 2017, 18:49

Hey everybody ! :thx:

If I say "Player takes the 1st place", "Player give up", "Player has left", "Player reach the finish line", etc ..., it must tell you something ...
No ? Look at pictures (top left in green / white) ...: :)
https://screenshots.fr.sftcdn.net/fr/sc ... ions-7.jpg
https://screenshots.fr.sftcdn.net/fr/sc ... ver-36.jpg
https://screenshots.fr.sftcdn.net/fr/sc ... ons-21.jpg
It appeared on TM1 and on TM² (on MP1) then removed soon after, without reason (?).

However, this system is particularly interesting, it made the galleries a little more "nervous" (eg he wants to see his pseudo ^^).
That's very useful for streamers and for some players (like me), because 'in spectator mode, there is a little delay and then he is informed in real time about a race event, while he spec a player (this avoids the famous frequent tabs and which can annoy the viewers).

We would like to return these infoslives to the basic modes (and / or by adding to the scripts)! :)

Additional ideas (not complete ^^):
  • Notify when a player has taken the lead (Rounds, Team, Laps, Cup modes)
  • Notify when a player has beaten the best time of the match (Rounds, Laps, Team, Cup),
  • Notify if someone has a better time on a CP (TA),
  • Indicate if it is the last round before the end of the map (Cup),
  • Notify when a player catches me / is right behind me (Rounds, Laps, Cup) [like in Endurance game mode]
  • ...
  • Playing sounds according to events
I hope the infolives will be back. :yes:


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