Push The Win Button (PTWB) - Looking for new members!

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Push The Win Button (PTWB) - Looking for new members!

Post by bryan1998 » 21 Jul 2017, 08:16

Hello fellow TrackMania players!

I've been running a clan called Push The Win Button (PTWB) for a few months now.

Here's a little history:
In 2010 two friends from FL decided to found a clan, and decided on the name Push The Win Button.
Around that same time these two guys (Psilonox and Tophinator) popped into my server and asked if i wanted to join a clan, i of course said yes.
After i joined they asked if i could run a server, so i pitched in. I then was granted a much higher role in the clan.
We gained quite a few members then kind of fizzled of the face of TrackMania for 6 years.

I recently rebooted the clan and had an active spurt in our little community, but it's starting to die off as well.

So, i need active members, no real requirements, we just like to hang out and race, while slipping in a few doughnuts too. :P

A few ground rules though:
1. Be at least semi active on the forum and on our servers.
2. Swearing is a norm around the clan, so... yeah :p
3. No age requirements, just be more mature than a whiny 9 year old (semi mature 9 year olds are allowed :P)
4. Standard ManiaPlanet gameplay rules apply (read: no cheaters)
Yes i know i had an incident in 2011 about cheating, long story, but that was a gigantic mistake on my part.
5. Don't forget to have fun, and enjoy the banter while you're at it :P

We are semi active on both TMF and TM2 and are looking for members for both.

Our site is https://thewinbutton.us
Our discord: https://discord.gg/dTRn95K
Our Facebook is @PushTheWinButton (i don't use Facebook, so i'm not there)
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