Hosting a multiplayer game

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Hosting a multiplayer game

Post by federov » 16 Sep 2011, 16:27


I want to host a game to play with some friends. The game says " you´re behind a NAT" or something the like.

Sure no problem I can configure my NAT, but with what settings?? Cant find what ports to forward or nothing.

Anyone who knows??


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Re: Hosting a multiplayer game

Post by OTMB_Cobra » 18 Sep 2011, 16:04

I want to know this too.
I want to let ppl try out my creations before a send them on to TM exchange
I have opened port 2350 in the portforward section on my router as far as I know anyway, but the game gives me this warning when I try to setup a server that I'm behind NAT or smth similar.
I just want to host so ppl can play my track and get feedback.
Cheers Cobra

edit got it working now
I used something called virtual server in my router and put in my router IP and opened port 2350 both tcp/udp
and after that I got my computers IP from
then in the games launcher under network/advanced I ticked the use local address and in the field Force server adress I put that IP. I also port forwarded port 230 both TCP/UDP as a friend suggested to do.
hope that helps someone
this link might help as well
and this
cheers Cobra
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Re: Hosting a multiplayer game

Post by 8bitpixel » 18 Sep 2011, 16:22

ye I get this to, we can set up a match so i can join yours or you join mine and we can see if it works.

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Re: Hosting a multiplayer game

Post by DPi » 18 Sep 2011, 18:14

I forwarded ports 2350, 3450, 5000, 80 and 443. You'll still receive the NAT warning regardless, but if configured correctly, people will be able to join your game.

Btw, I initially forwarded port 2350 using the option TCP/UDP in my router and this didn't work. I changed it to TCP only and have had no problems at all.

Good luck.

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