[POLL] Server List Efficiency

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Do you like the current Server List

No. I want a more efficient server list.
Yes. Is nice.
Hmmm, yes and no, but can be improved much.
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[POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by xGEKKOx » 01 Oct 2011, 16:13

Again i'm here to discuss this...
Nadeo servers = useless
Ubisoft servers = useless
1 month empty servers = useless (please deactivate them) ( i have 2 server empty too)
Server list is without any logic, i enter the game and i see Campania|Italy.... who cares about Italy????
I wanna see the main server list and i wanna see them ordered in a logic way.
I read int the past that Nadeo coded something to give to server a skill or a sort of popularity based on something, but i can't understand what. The suggested server is deprecated in TM2 so, which imrpovement we have in this version?

Please leave a suggestion for a brand new Server List. :pop:
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Re: Server List Efficiency Poll

Post by resir014 » 01 Oct 2011, 16:29

I agree. It's annoying that everytime we go to the Servers list, it always resets to the server list of your home country. Might be okay if you live in France :) , but it's annoying seeing an empty server list everytime you go online.

Also the new server ranks is quite useless. I'm talking about the new "Amateurs place" (or that kinds of text in the serverlist). It's a bit confusing when you don't know the exact LP limit of a server.

Unfortunately, the player rankings lists are useless in the same way.

That's why I still like the original TMF server lists algorithm. As some wise guys say, "Why fix it if it's not broken?" :)
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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by kapsubm » 01 Oct 2011, 21:11

i also agree,

but i can report other issues: i saw sometime the usually full filled servers with 40 + players, on connect i saw that in fact there was NO one on.
And that was with nearly all the servers i saw in the list. no wonder people always connect to those servers as they show up with many players, but they arent. (i think this is a bug from the serverbrowser, when u disconnect from the server it shows up as empty, but on refresh they show up again with 40 + people. i dont think this is a "Bothack" but it should be corrected, to give other servers a chance to fill up. :pil

i would also say that a limit of 50 players should be set to all servers, because 100 + players are not funny anymore to play (ranked) - and okay, i am shure the serverowners are happy about that, but other servers just stay empty and 10 servers are filled dont matter if the maps are good or not, on some servers u even cant vote for the maps and they are full., that shows us that something runs completly false.

oh and a question because this fits into topic: if a server is locked, for traing etc. the server must be non ranked.
my question , because i never locked my servers: is that allready done ?
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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by xGEKKOx » 02 Oct 2011, 00:11

Yes, i saw this bug too.
The servers show 40 players, you press connect and inside there is none.
Nadeo must fix this too.
Is not a bot hack (as i'm the developer) but is the server sniff, change valor, and resend to master server, hmmm just like the Man in the Middle (MIM)...

Well for the server limit, i don't agree, but i have some solution for it.
For example to get the servers manager pay real money for it.
In this way none will create empty servers, or servers with 1/2/3 players will disappear.
Or to create a sort of officiality for servers, with planets, but, paying each month 10000/50000.
In this way only the server with players go on.
And your server will fill too. So rules of 60-70-80-100 need to be deleted, or, at least raise to 20 the number of players inside.

I agree also with you on the server closed and locked without rank. This is very important to avoid boosting!!!
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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by GeorgeFeb » 02 Oct 2011, 01:49

Another thing that hight ranked people are playing on pathetic mini maps or shitty fullspeed maps & there is no cool servers with great tech maps which ones are plenty on TM2 Exchange! But I understand that is people choice, but anyway that is grouse! =)

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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by metoxys » 02 Oct 2011, 07:56

xGEKKOx wrote:paying each month 10000/50000.
Are you god damn insane? I am just having 6k atm
but 10k/50k a month?!?
Hell, I haven't even earned 10k coppers in a lifetime of TMUF

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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by xGEKKOx » 02 Oct 2011, 15:26

Well infact, this is the point.
If you are a good admin to take much Planets, so you can have a server.
I just connected to the game and i see 56 servers with 1 player in (maybe home server with the game, where the host need to be in).
And again the server list is like in ESWC, a total confusion and non logic.
We need the players bot again, maybe. :shock:
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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by AlexKF » 02 Oct 2011, 22:25

I do think having some sort of system where people who create servers would have to pay planets (altho a set price would have to be agreed) and private servers could be created for free for those who wanted to play a clan war etc.

Not sure, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having this system?

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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by xGEKKOx » 03 Oct 2011, 18:13

Well your idea on private free is good.
So we will have more players on real dedicated and a real server list.
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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by RelaxedRacer » 06 Oct 2011, 15:28

yes please make it like in trackmania 1 :thumbsup:
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