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Do you like the current Server List

No. I want a more efficient server list.
Yes. Is nice.
Hmmm, yes and no, but can be improved much.
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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by xGEKKOx » 07 Oct 2011, 15:51

No like TM1 no... It was based on the long running period.
We need the solution.
But are already 6 days i don't play TM2, already get bored of the 60 blocks.
And i also saw that 50% of players started in beta already leaved the game.
Also planets are useless again, i already earned 250000, giving interest on TPS bank and no fun...
I can have all kind of ideas, but the game is this, and i start to think that is all loss time.
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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by romitkin1 » 07 Oct 2011, 16:10

xGEKKOx wrote: For example to get the servers manager pay real money for it.
Sorry that doesn't make sense to me.
The server's creator pay for the server itself, then dedicate it to the game.
The creator doesn't earn real money from his server. Maybe planets, but that's not real money.
He also (probably) bought the game and paid for it.
So to pay more just for having the right to host the server? Then why would anyone create a server? just to see paople coming in and playing? Please explain.

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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by xGEKKOx » 07 Oct 2011, 16:38

The most part of servers are rented.
Many "noob" admin rent it and forget to set up, add maps, do a community to attract players.
They just run server and forget it.
Now, if we add something "noobs" can't do, we can have more players, cause all servers with 1 to 5 players will disappear.
Do 6*200 and see how many players can go in the bigger servers.
That's all.
Or instead paying, a new serverlist showing system, the current is not good.
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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by resir014 » 08 Oct 2011, 16:49

xGEKKOx wrote:a new serverlist showing system
I'd prefer this. They already spent most of their money improving their server, so why bother making additional fees?
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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by zixxiz » 13 Oct 2011, 07:00

Gekko, you're basically suggesting a system where your server is always on top. I know of a number of good servers that a) aren't always filled with players and b) don't take coppers. I'm not saying the system couldn't be shaped up, but all PC games with dedicated servers have a long list of empty servers. Nadeo already makes good of the list by ordering servers based on how many players are in them. What would be great would be returning the default view to the world instead of nation so that players aren't faced with a handful of active servers, especially since many people do not race in local servers. If you wanted more improvements, basic server filters for full, empty, locked, etc. would improve server sorting, but there is not a significant number of active servers all the time yet. But booting servers for inactivity and even charging regularly to have a server is rather rude if there is is any server community or the master doesn't collect planets.

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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by GeorgeFeb » 13 Oct 2011, 09:24

Another thing, would be cool to see all servers from page 1 by quantity of players on them till page end!

Coz now I can see only 1-3 pages by quantity, then whole 4th page like 1 players per server, then 5th page middle in the list 30 players on server & 1-3 players per server from both sides of page 5! Hope you understand what I'm trying to say! =)


Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by zarexz » 13 Oct 2011, 12:41

I voted for much improvement. Indeed the current system isn't all that. I also think getting your own nation by default is just not for me.

What I would like to see as default is just the best, most occupied servers for my rank.

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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by .dejavu » 13 Oct 2011, 13:11

Well, i totally agree with the crap organisation of the servers... a lot of servers are empty, the "amateur place" and such names doesn't give any sense to me.

But damn, don't make the player pay real money for a server!
I mean, there are
-20 servers of lolmaps/shortmaps, always with a lot of people in!
-20 servers of fullspeed maps, always with a lot of people in!
20 servers of tech maps/normal race maps, with a low amount of peopple in

With your suggestion (the one of the payment with real money), a lot of tech and harder maps servers, will close because the majority of the players like lol and fullspeed.
But, then, what should i do? I like tech or long maps, but nobody want to pay a server for such maps...

This is crap.

let the servers be free, and don't incrust the real money in this game.. It's a clean game, no cheaters, no extras are availbe with real money.. don't talk about money on this game, let it free (i mean, only once you bought it ;) )

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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by slumpy » 13 Oct 2011, 13:22

What he said is right, i don't like overcrowded FS or Lolmaps, I préfer little servers with an admin who choose maps not in fonction of the number of award on TMX, but for their difficulty and originality.
Where you can talk on the chat with the other players.

What about round servers? their a few of them and not with much more thant 5 or 10 players at the same time.

dejavu: you can try or new server: DFP for fun (france>ile de france>paris) the one with aseco coz the other is for testing fox control and isn't a dédicated one.
Their lot of tech and long maps and we need karma vote to put out the less apreciated maps^^.

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Re: [POLL] Server List Efficiency

Post by xGEKKOx » 13 Oct 2011, 13:31

Yes i agree with all of you, but if we don't start to do something, are only words in the air.
Now, paying Planets every week can be good (instead real money, i understand is too much), but we need to start to test something.
But as i understand no update until ShootMania come out, so i think we will see some new player online in 7/8 months, when Stadium Free will come out again ahahhaa.
They done the same error again, and they need again a FREE version to get some new players. Strange is Ubisoft don't read this forum. This explain nobody care what will be the future of TM2. :evil:
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