Multiplayer problem

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Multiplayer problem

Post by romitkin1 » 02 Jan 2012, 18:29

hi all.
I have a problem with multiplayer, for two months and I couldn't to fix it yet. I hope you can help.
When trying to connect to any server, I see the loading screen, but the loading bar doesn't appear.
After 20 seconds I see "The match was interrupted" error and it goes back to menu.
The problem happens at almost all servers, including Ubi server.
Rarely I manage to connect to a server, usually after the third try, and then after a few minutes of playing I get a huge lag, all other cars just stop, and I can only quit the server.
I have a 10MBit internet connection and the multiplayer works perfect for another games.

Here's what I tried:
Opening maniaplanet.exe in windows firewall.
Disabling windows firewall.
Forwarding ports 2350,3450,5100 in my router
Checked hosts file - it's clean

I hope you can help me to solve the problem, because I really like to play online.
Also an important thing is that I bought a new pc a month ago and a new windows installation.


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Re: Multiplayer problem

Post by jonthekiller » 02 Jan 2012, 18:38

Hum, I think it's a problem from your connection or the router. Can you try to play to a friend with your computer?

And maybe stop your antivirus and firewall in the same time.

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Re: Multiplayer problem

Post by romitkin1 » 02 Jan 2012, 18:43

I haven't tried to play with a friend because none of my friends own the game.
I have no active antivirus, and firewall is disabled.

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Re: Multiplayer problem

Post by WeT.DucK » 21 Jan 2012, 16:16

Huh i have same problem... :cry: i tested everything :shock: .

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