ObjectId Marker Bug

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ObjectId Marker Bug

Post by steeffeen » 28 Jun 2014, 21:39

opening a dedicated thread to make it an actual report instead of a post in some thread
steeffeen wrote:
xbx wrote:objectid="#124124124" (any CSmObject)
it works pretty well but i have noticed a bug..

lets say:
- there is a marker on the only object ingame -> objectid="#1337" manialinkframeid="x"
- there are two more markers with pos="0 8 15" and pos="15 8 0" manialinkframeid="y/z"

now a player picks up the object and the marker follows the players/object :thumbsup:
BUT in my script it happens that the whole marker <-> frame assignment gets screwed up when the player that has carried the ball right before the end of the round leaves the game

in my use case:
- object.setplayer()
- player with object+marker captures the goal
- round end
- markerlayer.visible = false
- player leaves
- round begin
- object.setposition()
- markerlayer.visible = true
- all markers are screwed!

the messed up markers look always the same:
- objectid marker is completely gone
- the pos marker are visible but fixed on the screen, map pos seems to be screen pos now

the object is working fine, just all the markers are bugged
when the player rejoins the marker are fine again

i was able to fix it by setting object.setunspawned() at the end of the round so it's good for now but the behavior is just weird

it doesn't happen on every map but i have a specfic map on which it's happening all the time (without the work-around)
so i'm able to reproduce it in case you need further information :)

steeffeen wrote:i know i should have pointed to that bug in the mp3 beta phase but i forgot about it since i added a workaround after i wrote the linked post
some time ago i removed the workaround because it was ugly and not sufficient and now we're having the marker bug again

all markers attached to landmarks and objects freeze because of this bug which is occurring pretty much every time a player leaves or joins between rounds
i can gladly provide the script and i will try to make a video at the weekend to show it live and make it more easily understandable

do you mind taking a look at it?
thanks in advance :thx:
i made a video showing the issue:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFG39AZFCqY (ignore the audio comments in the vid :D)
it makes the objectid="#" technology sort of .. crappy

any player (with or without ball object) can join or leave between rounds to freeze the markers
while the bug is active any joining or leaving player fixes it again
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