Multiple questions about Markers, Sound and MiniMap libs

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Multiple questions about Markers, Sound and MiniMap libs

Post by djhubertus » 24 Jul 2014, 14:53

Hi, I decide to use great libraries(Markers, Sound an MiniMap2) in my mode, but I have several questions, problems and some wishes.

1. I can't combine Global UI with player UI. I'm using

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ManiaLink ^= """
			<marker {{{Type}}} pos="{{{PosX}}} {{{PosY}}} {{{PosZ}}}" hudvisibility="Always" minimapvisibility="WhenInFrame" />
To show goal markers for everyone, but if I put

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foreach(Player in Players) Markers::MiniMap_Add("PlayerMarker", Player, True, "Never", "WhenInFrame", "file://Media/Manialinks/Common/", Player);
in StartRound label, then I see only Player marker.

2. It seems like all images in minimap are in aspect ratio 1:2

3. First minimap library has great functions to build radar with ping feature, but Load function is corrupted(No access to Map.Size.X), I don't know how to display layer, etc.

4. It's quite easy to play again the same custom sound, Alt+Tab, ESC or window button.

5. If map uses fog, minimap shows this and sometimes it's not possible to see something

6. If map is builded on night mood, minimap is very dark.

7. It's not possible to add markers with manialinkframeid to minimap.
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